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City of Colorado Springs
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 System plans must be picked up within 30 days. All system plans left longer than 30 days will be discarded as abandoned.


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2/25/2020 FYIThis project is: Jurassic Adventure, 1650 Briargate Blvd. March 4 thru March 18, 2020. Plans are reviewed to the 2015 Colorado Springs Fire Code as well as applicable city codes and standards.
AttentionREQUIRED INSPECTION: An inspection of the event prior to occupancy/use is required. Contact the CSFD Division of the Fire Marshal at 719-385-5978 a minimum of 72 hours in advance to arrange the inspection. The inspection shall be conducted prior to occupancy, subject to normal working hours. All interior furnishings as well as established aisles and walkways shall be in place for the inspection. THE APPLICANT AND OWNER REPRESENTATIVE SHALL BE ON SITE DURING THE ENTIRE INSPECTION. In the event of the installer not being ready for the scheduled inspection, a reinsertion will be scheduled and additional fees may be imposed.
FYIVEHICLES. Liquid- or gas-fueled vehicles, boats or other motorcraft shall not be located indoors except as follows: 1. Batteries are disconnected. 2. Fuel in fuel tanks does not exceed one-quarter tank or 5 gallons (whichever is least). 3. Fuel tanks and fill openings are closed and sealed to prevent tampering. 4. Vehicles, boats or other motorcraft equipment are not fueled or defueled within the building. (2018 CSFC ?314.4)
FYIOBSTRUCTION OF FIRE APPARATUS ACCESS ROADS. Fire apparatus access roads shall not be obstructed in any manner, including the parking of vehicles. The minimum widths and clearances shall be maintained at all times. (2018 CSFC ?503.4)
FYIEXTENSION CORDS. Extension cords and flexible cords shall not be a substitute for permanent wiring. Extension cords and flexible cords shall not be affixed to structures, extended through walls, ceilings or floors, or under doors or floor coverings, nor shall such cords be subject to environmental damage or physical impact. Extension cords shall be used only with portable appliances. (2018 CSFC ?605.5)
FYIHIGHLY COMBUSTIBLE GOODS. The display of highly combustible goods, including but not limited to fireworks, flammable or combustible liquids, liquefied flammable gases, oxidizing materials, pyroxylin plastics and agricultural goods, in main exit access aisles, corridors, covered and open malls, or within 5 feet of entrances to exits and exterior exit doors is prohibited where a fire involving such goods would rapidly prevent or obstruct egress. (2018 CSFC ?314.3)
FYIFIXTURES AND DISPLAYS. Fixtures and displays of goods for sale to the public shall be arranged so as to maintain free, immediate and unobstructed access to exits as required by Chapter 10. (2018 CSFC ?314.2)
FYIPOWER SUPPLY. Extension cords shall be plugged directly into an approved receptacle, power tap or multiplug adapter and, except for approved multiplug extension cords, shall serve only one portable appliance. (2018 CSFC ?605.5.1)
FYIAMPACITY. The ampacity of the extension cords shall be not less than the rated capacity of the portable appliance supplied by the cord. (2018 CSFC ?605.5.2)
FYIMAINTENANCE. Extension cords shall be maintained in good condition without splices, deterioration or damage. (2018 CSFC ?605.5.3)
FYIGROUNDING. Extension cords shall be grounded where serving grounded portable appliances. (2018 CSFC ?605.5.4)
FYIFDC ACCESS. Immediate access to fire department connections shall be maintained at all times and without obstruction by fences, bushes, trees, walls or any other fixed or moveable object. Access to fire department connections shall be approved by the fire chief. (2018 CSFC ?912.4)
FYIRELIABILITY. Required exit accesses, exits and exit discharges shall be continuously maintained free from obstructions or impediments to full instant use in the case of fire or other emergency where the building area served by the means of egress is occupied. An exit or exit passageway shall not be used for any purpose that interferes with a means of egress. (2018 CSFC ?1031.2)
FYIFINISHES, FURNISHINGS AND DECORATIONS. Means of egress doors shall be maintained in such a manner as to be distinguishable from the adjacent construction and finishes such that the doors are easily recognizable as doors. Furnishings, decorations or other objects shall not be placed so as to obstruct exits, access thereto, egress therefrom, or visibility thereof. Hangings and draperies shall not be placed over exit doors or otherwise be located to conceal or obstruct an exit. Mirrors shall not be placed on exit doors. Mirrors shall not be placed in or adjacent to any exit in such a manner as to confuse the direction of exit. (2018 CSFC ?1031.6)
FYI"NO SMOKING" SIGNS. The fire code official is authorized to order the posting of "No Smoking" signs in a conspicuous location in each structure or location in which smoking is prohibited. The content, lettering, size, color and location of required #No Smoking# signs shall be approved. (2018 CSFC ?310.3)
FYIFIRE EXTINGUISHERS. Fire extinguishers shall be provided as follows: General Applications - One ABC extinguisher with a rating of 2A:10BC provided for each vendor less than 200sf - Inspection tag must be visible and current (within 12 months) - Extinguisher must be fully charged with gauge indicating full - Mounted about waist high in a visible location - Easily accessible Cooking Applications - One Class K (wet chemical) extinguisher provided for each commercial cooking appliance - No more than 30 feet from each commercial cooking appliance - Inspection tag must be visible and current (within 12 months) - Extinguisher must be fully charged with gauge indicating full - Mounted about waist high in a visible location - Easily accessible


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