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City of Colorado Springs
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 System plans must be picked up within 30 days. All system plans left longer than 30 days will be discarded as abandoned.


Review DateStatusComment(s)
4/3/2020 FYI*****(STANDARD COMMENT) This project is: In N Out Distribution Center, 1935 Interquest Py: new distribution warehouse - upgrade through finish ELECTRONIC REVIEW RAPID RESPONSE This plan review is based on the requirements found within the adopted Editions of the International Building Code, International Fire Code and the related Standards.
FYI*****DESIGNER/INSTALLER INFORMATION Fire Alarm system was designed by:The Questcom Group Fire alarm system is being installed by: The Questcom Group
FYI***** FIRE ALARM SYSTEM DESIGN: -----Single Family Residential Fire Alarm System ---X--Manual -----Automatic -----Dedicated Funtion: ----- AUXILIARY FUNCTIONS: -----Elevator Recall -----2-Way Elevator Lobby Communications --X---Duct Detector --X---Waterflow -----Door Release
FYI*****Scope of Work: Install a new manual fire alarm notification with occupant notification EXISTING CONDITIONS AS DECLARED:NONE NEW BUILDING
Approved/Corrected*****The following RED-LINED items are to be corrected prior to final inspection: 1. Cellular communication is to be the primary means of communication. 2. Correct the circled notes. Note 10 that is on the mag lock doors but states that two monitor points are required for a water tank. Review all notes. 3. Shell space notification is over spaced. Up the candela rating on the notification. 4. Pre action low and high air are to be supervisories in the matrix. 5. Provide fire alarm addresses. 6. Provide a minimum of 9 ah bateries for the NACs.
FYI*****(COMMERCIAL) MONITORING Off-site monitoring of this fire alarm system is required and shall be provided by an approved monitoring agency. The phone number to be used to report a fire emergency is (719) 444-7632. Monitoring Method is: ---X-- Cellular
FYILICENSED INSTALLER/SERVICE TECHNICIAN An On-Site Installer/Service Technician shall supervise all on-site work on any fire protection system. This On-Site Installer shall have a current Installer Certificate (RBD Wallet Card), on his/her person, while on the job site.
FYICOMPLETION DOCUMENTS AND DOCUMENT CABINET: The following documents/records shall be provided in a DOCUMENT CABINET: 1. Owner's manual and manufacturer's published instructions for all system equipment 2. Record/As-Built drawings 3. Completed/Updated Record of Completion 4. For software based systems, record copy of site-specific software 5. Certificate of Installation A DOCUMENT CABINET SHALL BE PROVIDED FOR ALL NEW SYSTEM INSTALLATIONS! NFPA 72: 7.5 and 7.7
FYIPRE-TEST REQUIREMENT: Before requesting final approval of the installation, the installing contractor shall furnish a written statement that the system has been installed in accordance with approved plans and testing in accordance with the manufacturer's published instructions and the appropriate NFPA requirements. ( CSFD requires a 100% pre-test - Evidence may be documented on the Record of Completion.
FYIACCEPTANCE TESTING: At the time of this inspection the Fire Inspector will expect ALL devices involved in this fire alarm project to be tested. The installer should be aware of the fact that in a larger facility there may be a need to isolate the fire alarm system to only the area being tested. The alarm installer is to insure that building owner and/or manager and the General Contractor has been informed of the test criteria, time and date of the test, and have given their approval. Acceptance testing shall be completed in accordance with Chapter 14 of NFPA 72
AttentionROUGH-IN PERMIT AND INSPECTIONS: All Fire Alarm systems wiring installed within the City of Colorado Springs must be inspected by the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department PRIOR TO the Fire Final on the system. This will require the installing contractor to obtain a Rough-In Permit issued by the Regional Building Department. Please call RBD at 327-2880 for additional information on how to obtain this permit.
FYI*****SCHEDULING INSPECTIONS Please call 719-385-5982 Extension 2 to schedule all construction related inspection activities. Due to the dynamic nature of inspectors schedules, PLEASE call your inspection requests in with ample time to allow scheduling. When calling, please have your complete CSFD plan review number(s) ready for each inspection request. ( i.e. 2013-1234 - HS-1) The CSFD Approved sets of plans are to be on site for all inspections.
FYIPLAN REVIEW/PERMIT FEES All fire department fees are to be paid prior to issuance of any permits. These fees must be paid directly to the Colorado Springs Fire Department - Development Review Enterprise - at 2880 International Circle - Suite 200-7.
FYIREVIEWS: Colorado Springs Fire Department plan reviews are based upon information provided on the drawings and/or the attached reference material. Issues or features that are not presented within the construction documents are assumed to be complaint with applicable codes/standards. It is the responsibility of the building owner to ensure that minimum code requirements are met as established by the Authority Having Jurisdiction, whether or not the requirements are specifically indicated on the submitted construction documents. The CSFD has reviewed the submittal in accordance with the adopted fire code requirements, CSFD local amendments, City Code Standards, and applicable NFPA Standards. All plan review comments are subject to final on-site field inspections, and testing by the CSFD. Review and approval by the CSFD shall not relieve the applicant of the responsibility of compliance with the International Fire Code. (105.4.4)"
FYIAS-BUILT PLANS All deviations from approved plans shall be documented and submitted to CSFD for archival. Reviews will not be conducted on as-builts, as these field changes are often verified as compliant by the fire inspectors. All as-built plans shall be conspicuously marked as such. Any changes requiring approval prior to Final shall be submitted as a REVISION.
FYIRTP REVIEWER CONTACT: If you have any specific questions or concerns about these comments, please feel free to contact me at: Roland Peterson Senior Fire Inspector, CSFD 2880 International Circle, Suite 200-7 Colorado Springs, CO 80910 (T) 719-385-7369
2/14/2020 FYI*****(STANDARD COMMENT) This project is: In N Out Distribution Center, 1935 Interquest Py: new distribution warehouse This plan review is based on the requirements found within the adopted Editions of the International Building Code, International Fire Code and the related Standards.
Disapproved*****(STANDARD COMMENT) DISAPPROVED COMMENTS The following information and/or corrections are needed prior to completing a full plan review. Please respond, in writing on letterhead, to each of the following comments: 1. Provide fire alarm contractor information in title block of plans. 2. Reference the IFC and NFPA codes system was designed to on your plans. 3. Provide CSFD plan review number on your plans. 4. Fire Alarm symbols are to be per NFPA 170. 5. Provide voltage drop and battery calculations. 6. Provide cut sheets on all devices used (i.e. not cut sheet on communicator). 7. Show location of communicator on plans and riser diagram. 8. Exterior horn/strobe is required at the FDC. Show location on your plans and riser diagram. 9. CO2 detector and relay mondule symbols are missing from your legand. 10. Sequence of operation shows release of magnetically held doors and coiling fire doors. Locations of these doors and detection to release these doors are not shown on your plans. 11. What is the purpose of the amber strobes that are being activated when the coiling fire doors close? 12. Remove elevator recall information from your sequence of operation. 13. Change pump runing to alarm and pump phase reversal/loss of phase to supervisory in your sequence of operation. 14. Revise sequence of operation to show flow switch activating exterior horn/strobe at FDC and shutting down big ass fans. 15. Add communication loss to your sequence of operation. 16. Correct note 2 on your sequence of operation to reflect a 45 -60 second delay on flow switch operation per CSFD requirements. 17. Add CO2 detector, pre-action high and low air to your sequence of operation. 18. Why is fire door smoke detectors a trouble instead of alarm? This device is also shown shutting down HVAC, but not closing fire doors, why? 19. Why are you shutting down all HVAC on general alarm per sequence of operation note 1? 20. Walls on all pages must be darkened, so that they are scannable for archives. 21. Group offices/work areas exceeding 100 sq ft must have notification (see CSFD Fire Alarm Guidance Document). 22. In areas with ceiling mounted devices provide ceiling heights. If devices are not being mounted at the ceiling, provide mounting height of these devices. 23. Numerous notification devices are overspaced per NFPA 72, Table & 24. Provide notification in corridor west of Dairy Cooler 172. 25. Plans show what appear to be relay modules in numerous locations within the building without specifying what these relays modules are controlling. 26. Change notification on Exterior Service Patio 188 to a weatherproof device. Is the door to this patio a egress door? If so, provide pull station. 26. Address for some fire alarm devices are not provided or is incorrect. 27. Show modules for monitoring sprinkler/fire pump. 28. What is the use of Wash Area 143 and Scrubber Wash 149? Is notification required in these 2 rooms? 29. Review Stopped. Complete review cannot be performed until the items above have been corrected. Also review the disapproved plans for additional written comments prior to submittal of new plans.
FYICORRECTIONS All corrections and comments are to be submitted back to CSFD in writing, or provide submittal sheets/drawings, etc as requested, to complete the review. Corrections are not accepted over the phone, via fax, email or verbally.
AttentionTHE DISAPPROVED ITEMS MAY NOT CONSITITUE A COMPLETE LIST OF VIOLATIONS. It is the responsibility of the design professional to conduct a complete re-review of the plans for additional violations of the adopted codes/standards and incorrect information prior to resubmitting.
FYICLT REVIEWER CONTACT: If you have any specific questions or concerns about these comments, please feel free to contact me at: Wyman "Chip" Taylor II, PE Fire Protection Engineer I Colorado Springs Fire Department Division of the Fire Marshal 2880 International Circle, Suite 200-7 Colorado Springs, CO 80910 (T) 719-385-7303


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