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City of Colorado Springs / City Engineering

City Engineering

City Engineering - A Division of Public Works

The City of Colorado Springs Engineering Division provides civil engineering and releated services for our community by building and managing the backbone of our society, including transportation and stormwater systems. We inspect and regulate the work of private developers who initially create most of the public infrastructure for our City. We set and enforce the standards of design and construction that govern the way our street and drainage systems are built and maintained. We strive to provide:

  • Safe, efficient and completely accessible street systems
  • Dependable stormwater flood control facilities
  • Water quality controls and environmental protection
  • Professional development plan reviews and inspections
  • Permitting and inspection of construction activities within the City's rights-of-way

Our objective is always to serve the interests of the City at large, but the improvements we build can have a temporary adverse affect on people while the construction is in progress. In these cases, we always strive to minimize and mitigate our construction impacts, and to be responsive to the special needs of individuals.

Our primary focus, and our professional ethic, is service to the public. Whether in the form of multi-million dollar interchange projects or neighborhood drainage complaints, City Engineering staff is committed to providing the public with quality infrastructure through cost-effective and professional engineering services.

  • City Engineering Support (719) 385-5918

ENGINEERING CRITERIA MANUAL, adopted for public application, effective 1 July 2010. Includes Subdivision Policy, Pavement Design Criteria and Traffic Criteria Manuals 


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