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City of Colorado Springs / Procurement Services / Suspended & Debarred Vendors

Suspended & Debarred Vendors

In accordance with the City of Colorado Springs, Procurement Rules and Regulations, the following vendors/ contractors are currently suspended or debared from doing business with the City of Colorado Springs. Please reference the cited procurement rule which outlines the City?s authority to suspend or debar.

For further information, please Click Here to view a copy of City Contracting's Procurement Rules and Regulations (Revised April 2009). If you have any questions, you may contact Curt DeCapite, Procurement Services Manager at 719-385-5274 or email at

LAWSON CONSTRUCTION CO; Suspended May 2007. Pending reinstatement

VEROTRAK INC; Debarred January 2008.

4-106 Suspension or Debarment
The City Contracting Manager shall have the authority to suspend or debar any vendors or contractors for the following:

a) Default on awarded contract. (Debarment)

b) Failure to enter into a contract resulting in a demand or collection of a Bid Bond by the City of Colorado Springs. (Suspension)

c) Routinely perform unsatisfactory work. (Suspension or debarment)

d) Violated contract terms and conditions without cure or remedy. (Suspension or debarment depending on severity)

e) Have pending litigation against the City. (May only be suspended pending results of litigation)

f) Default on the payment of any taxes, license fees, or other monies due the City. (Suspension)

g) Convicted of fraud or criminal acts while performing as a supplier, prime contractor, or subcontractor on any City of Colorado Springs contracts, even those not associated or written by the City of Colorado Springs. (Debarment)

h) Contractors that have been found to have violated the City?s Code of Ethics by offering gifts or gratuities to a direct official will be subject to debarment.

i) If documentation substantiates a consistent past performance record of habitually or continuous unsatisfactory performance, safety violations, repeated violations of contract provisions, or delinquent performance by a contractor. (Suspension)

j) On capital improvement projects (Construction) ? failure to complete all punch list items within a timely manner including final closeout requirements of the contract. (Suspension)

The Procurement Services Manager may suspend or debar vendors from bidding on, or performing as a subcontractor on all City contracts for a minimum period of one (1) year up to a maximum of three (3) years. Vendors may be suspended from doing business with the City for a minimum period of three (3) months, up to a maximum period of twelve (12) months. However, if a vendor under suspension fails to correct or cure the deficiency in which they have been suspended during the suspension period, the City Contracting Manager may convert the suspension into a debarment. Prior to formally suspending or debarring any vendor, the City Contracting Manager shall review and investigate all reasons and evidence supporting such a decision and shall inform the suspended or debarred vendor in writing of such decision.

The suspended or debarred vendor may at the conclusion of the suspension or debarment period, submit a formal request to be removed from such status. Upon receipt of this request the City Contracting Manager will be required to investigate current and past performance since the suspension or debarment by the suspended contractor to determine responsibility.