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P O Box 2169, MC 1530
Colorado Springs, CO 80901
Phone: 719-385-5922
Fax: 719-385-6190
Contact: Court Administration
Email: mcourt@springsgov.. . .
Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday - Friday

City of Colorado Springs / Municipal Court / Probation


224 East Kiowa, Room 230
P O Box 2169, Mail Code 1530
Colorado Springs, CO. 80901-2169
Phone: (719)385-5923
Fax: (719) 385-6202


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  • The department handles municipal court cases only. Those who have gone through either County Court or District Court should contact their probation officer at 4th Judicial District Adult Probation at (719) 448-7750.



    Payment Extensions

    Most people are referred to the Probation Department by judges after they have requested time to pay a fine. Payment arrangement options may be found under "Payment Programs". There are several payment methods available:

    Those who cannot pay in full are required to complete a number of background questions and wait to see a Probation Technician and establish an agreeable payment schedule. In such cases, the court imposes an additional $25 administrative fee. If you would like to save time, you may download the Financial Affidavit, fill it out, and bring it to the Probation Department, Room 230, after your court appearance. To read this document, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click this link to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    Those who are truly indigent may be assigned to work a number of hours of community service for a public agency. Community service work is performed at the prevailing minimum wage.

    Sentencing Information

    Some people are referred to the probation department by judges who want more information before imposing sentence. In such cases the judge orders a pre-sentence investigation (PSI) report. An independent investigator, who interviews the participants in the incident, checks one's prior criminal record and personal background, and compiles these reports. The interviews necessary to compile the report may be conducted at a later date in a separate location; probation staff members establish the date the person is to return to court for sentencing, and arrange for the interview to occur.


    If a criminal incident has resulted in property damage, the judge may order someone to pay restitution to the victim of the crime. Restitution is often recommended to the judge by probation staff. In such cases, both the victim and the defendant interact with probation staff. The victim is generally asked to provide some documentation as to the amount of restitution being requested. The defendant then works out an acceptable payment plan with the probation officer. Restitution payments may be made in Room 108 the Violations Bureau, or they may also be mailed to the court. To pay by Mail, mail to: Municipal Court, Attention: Restitution Payments, PO Box 2169, Colorado Springs, CO. 80901-2169.

    Course Instruction

    In addition to the imposition of fines and costs, judges often impose required attendance at remedial schools and classes as a condition of probation. Remedial drivers' education and other traffic schools are common examples, but there are a wide variety of classes, schools and other programs that may be ordered. Probation officers arrange such attendance and monitor compliance with such orders.

    Proof of Compliance

    Failure to comply with probation orders constitutes contempt of court and will result in the issuance of a warrant for the arrest of the person who has failed to comply. It is in everyone's mutual interest to fully resolve any questions about what the judge has ordered and what the probation officer has arranged before leaving the Probation Department on the day of court.

    It is imperative that proof of compliance be sent to the Probation Department as soon as completion of a condition is satisfied. If you would like to fax that information to Probation, you may do so at: (719) 385-6202. Do not rely on the organization to provide proof to the court. It is the responsibility of the defendant to ensure that Probation receives all documentation necessary, that all conditions of sentencing are completed, and that all court appearances are concluded in order to close their case. If circumstances arise that may impair the ability to comply with the probation order, they should promptly return to the Probation Department and explain the circumstances.

    Formal Probation

    Formal Probation is a sanction imposed for repeat and/or resistant offenders identified by the court, City Attorney, or Probation Department as possibly benefiting from serving his sentence under the supervision of a probation officer and possibly a community provider. At sentencing, the defendant may have a fine and/or jail suspended on condition he comply with formal probation. Specific terms of formal probation may be ordered through the court and/or may be set through the Probation Department. The following table includes a list of possible programs you may be ordered to participate in and complete.


    Alcohol/Drug Assessment & Treatment Petty Theft Education
    Anger Management Counseling Public Service Work Program
    Cognitive Skills Training Program Random Urinalysis Screens
    Conflict Management Class Restitution Payments
    Domestic Violence Counseling School or Alternative School Programs
    Essay Sex Offender Program
    Level 1 Alcohol & Drug Awareness for Young Adults Women's Group
    Mental Health Counseling and/or Medication (Other) as determined by Probation
    Monitored Antabuse Programs (Other) as determined by the court

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