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Local Improvement Districts

The Colorado Springs City Council considers proposed Local Improvement District requests, recommendations, and petitions.  These districts call for the construction of paving, curb and gutter, sidewalks, water mains, wastewater lines, utility service lines, storm drainage systems, and other similar public improvements.

Cheyenne Creek LID - Before

Cheyenne Creek LID - Before

Cheyenne Creek LID - After







Cheyenne Creek LID - After

Local Improvement Districts, in many cases, are an outward sign of Colorado Springs' high standard of living and its continuing effort to address and remedy environmental concerns.  Most districts are formed in older, more established neighborhoods, but they can involve newer subdivisions as well.
In each case, the proposed district would call for an improvement that might benefit certain property owners.  The limits of the district indicate these properties.  The property owners within the limits of the Local Improvement District generally pay for the improvement if the district is approved and constructed.
Normally a citizen requests the improvements proposed in the Local Improvement District.  While the City does have the authority to request a local improvement District, is does so only occasionally.

There may be some citizens who are "for" a Local Improvement District and others who are "against" it.  The process described here was established to give citizens an opportunity to voice their opinions.  The technical procedure for the creation of a Local Improvement District and assessment of the final costs to the benefiting properties is specifically outlined in the City Code of Colorado Springs.

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