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City of Colorado Springs / Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services / TOPS / TOPS Application Process

TOPS Application Process

Trails, Open Space & Parks
Trails, Open Space & Parks

TOPS Funding Application
Process, Project Consideration Process, and Appeal Process

1. Applications for TOPS funding may be submitted by the individual members of the public, property-owners, organizations, TOPS Working Committee members, TOPS Technical Team, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the City of Colorado Springs.

2. All requests must be submitted using the TOPS Application for funding which shall be sent or given to the TOPS Program Manager. The Application must designate a primary contact including mailing address and phone number. This contact will be used for mailings and/or notifications from the TOPS Working Committee.

3. Applications will be logged in upon receipt and immediately assigned to the appropriate TOPS Technical Team for review. A list of all Applications received will be maintained and a list of all new Applications will be given to the TOPS Working Committee at its next regular meeting as an agenda announcement.

4. The TOPS Technical Team will review each Application as soon as is practicable. The Technical Team may contact the Applicant for information if necessary. After review the Technical Team will refer the Application to the TOPS Working Committee with a report. Such report may be verbal in nature.

5. Applicants will be advised in writing at least one week in advance of when their application will be on the TOPS Working Committee agenda. Applicants will be allowed to make a presentation not exceeding 30 minutes to the TOPS Working Committee at said meeting. The fact that an Application is on the agenda does not require that the Committee make a decision on the Application at that meeting.

6. Applicants will be informed in writing when a decision is made on their Application. The Committee will endeavor to make decisions on Applications as expeditiously as possible. However, there is no deadline or time limit for the Committee to make a decision on an Application.

7. Some Applications may create the need for public hearings or public testimony. Proper notice, as required by City policy, will be given prior to such activities.

8. If an Application is approved it will be sent to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board for consideration and action. It will be placed on the earliest possible Parks and Recreation Advisory Board agenda.

9. If an Application is rejected by the TOPS Working Committee the Applicant may appeal the decision to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board as follows:

A. The appeal must be made in writing to the TOPS Program Manager who will inform the Chairperson of the TOPS Working Committee of the appeal and immediately forward the appeal to the Chairperson of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

B. The appeal will be placed on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board agenda as soon as is practical. The appellant will be notified in writing at least one week in advance of when their appeal will be heard by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

C. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board will hear the appeal and have latitude to approve the Application, deny the appeal, or send the Application back to the TOPS Working Committee for reconsideration.

D. The applicant may resubmit a proposal that has been rejected only if there have been significant/substantial changes in circumstances or financing that might warrant reconsideration.

10. Should the Applicant disagree with the decision of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board they may appeal to City Council through the normal appeals process.

If you would like more information, please email us.

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