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Neighborood/Business Watch Metal Signs

Dear Block Captains of the Colorado Springs Police Department,


It is time once again for a reminder on the Neighborhood Watch Street Signs.  Street signs are no longer purchased by the city.  We now refer you to a private contractor who works with the city to place signs.  The company we work with is the Sign Center (719-391-7729).


Officer Harris, Stetson Hills Division’s Crime Prevention Officer, called recently (08/26/2012) and received an updated quote.  Please keep in mind prices can change at any time.  This is for informational purposes only:


A new sign is $45.00 each

A post is $60.00 each

Anchor is $27.60 each

Install and labor is $50.00 per sign


A question often asked is “can we install our own signs”? While the process to install a sign may be easy enough the laws and codes governing where and how they can be placed are not. On top of this to install a sign you must be licensed and insured to do so. Any signs improperly installed or placed in the wrong area can be taken down by traffic engineering. The nice thing about the Sign Center is they go out with our traffic engineering folks to ensure proper placement. So with this said… you should not install or replace your own signs. Doing so you assume all liability and it’s just not worth the risk.


Many of the neighborhood watch signs are improperly placed in this community….i.e. back of stop signs and such. I spoke with Traffic Engineering and their main concern now is with faded signs. All street signs are required to have a certain level of reflectivity. If you have difficulty seeing/reading the sign at night it likely needs to be replaced. If you can’t read it during daylight hours it certainly needs to be replaced. If Traffic Engineering takes down the sign they have to take everything with it to include the post. So replacing the sign could save you time and money down the road.


If every group would please look at their signs in the coming weeks I would appreciate it.


Any questions please contact your divisional crime prevention officer:


Falcon, 444-7246;


Gold Hill, 385-2117;


Sand Creek, 444-7276;


Stetson Hills, 444-3168