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Fountain Creek Restoration Project at Gold Hill Mesa

The City of Colorado Springs Stormwater Engineering, the Colorado Department of Transportation and Gold Hill Mesa joined forces to make major improvements to a section of Fountain Creek that lies between 8th and 21st Streets.   The project was completed in April 2010.

The Fountain Creek Restoration project's goals include:

  • Reduce flooding, erosion and sedimentation
  • Improve water quality and address environmental issues
  • Control pollutants and contaminants
  • Create wetlands and a stable riparian environment
  • Provide for an expandable design for future needs
  • Allow for future U.S. Highway 24 improvements and future Gold Hill Mesa access
  • Minimize impacts to previously constructed stormwater improvements
  • Create a demonstration project to showcase stormwater quality Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  • Promote environmental stewardship through community “ownership” of the creek



Stormwater Enterprise                    $1,800,000

Gold Hill Mesa                                  $1,100,000 (some provided as materials)

Colorado Dept. of Transportation    $800,000