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Protecting Our Creeks

There are many ways that we can protect our watershed. Listed below are a few of the things you can do:

  • Pile snow from parking lots or driveways on vegetated areas away from the stream. Don't push snow into the streams because it may contain pollutants, such as sediment, salt, or oil and grease.

  • Use a mulching mower or compost your grass clippings. Don't push the grass clippings onto the street or in a stream. Also, compost leaves. Use of compost on your garden will decrease fertilizer requirements.

  • Use on your lawn or garden only the pesticides or fertilizers needed. Look for less toxic alternatives.

  • Dispose of pet wastes in the garbage can.

  • Pick up litter, leaves, and debris.

  • Plant ground cover or other stabilizing vegetation to prevent erosion. Use of mulch on bare ground can also decrease erosion.

  • Sweep your driveway and sidewalks rather than hosing them down.

  • Direct gutters and down spouts onto vegetated or gravel-filled areas. Paved areas should also be directed onto vegetated areas.

  • Wash cars on permeable areas, such as gravel lots or the lawn or take your car to a commercial car wash.

  • Properly store, dispose, and use hazardous materials.

  • Fix oil or other vehicle fluid leaks. Recycle oil and antifreeze. For information on local businesses that recycle oil and antifreeze, please contact (719) 385-5566.

  • Ensure prompt clean up of spills. Hazardous material spills requiring non-emergency assistance from the Fire Department can be obtained by calling the City's dispatcher at (719) 444-7000. Emergencies should be directed to the Fire Department by calling 911.