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Stormwater Best Management Practices

Hay Bales Guarding Drainage Inlet
Hay Bales Guarding Drainage Inlet

Stormwater Quality Requirements for Grading/Erosion Control and New Development Activities

Based on the 1987 Clean Water Act Amendments, the EPA enacted stormwater quality regulations in 1990. The intent was to control and limit pollutants to drainage systems in larger cities (over 100,000 population). In October 1997, the City received its Municipal Stormwater Discharge Permit from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) who administers the regulations and the City's Permit. One of the key program components included reviewing, revising and developing codes, policies, procedures and Best Management Practices (BMPs) for construction (grading and erosion control) and new development (post-construction) activities.

Work on developing these policies, procedures and BMPs began in early 1999 with a comprehensive development and input process including a Technical Advisory Committee, an HBA subcommittee and other public input and information efforts. In November 2001 CDPHE approved the City's proposed program relating to construction and new development activities. The products from these efforts include a technical Manual on Stormwater Quality Policies, Procedures and Best Management Practices (Drainage Criteria Manual, Volume 2), along with pertinent City Code revisions.

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