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Creek Signs

Sign at Monument Creek/Colorado Avenue Bridge
Sign at Monument Creek/Colorado Avenue Bridge
Colorado Springs’ natural waterways play a critical role in drainage and water quality issues. For this reason, the City's Stormwater Enterprise installed signs identifying several local creeks within the Fountain Creek Watershed at many locations around the community (see below for locations) in hopes that citizens would help protect and preserve the quality and uses of these natural resources.

There are two signs at each location (for each direction of traffic) where major roadways intersect with a creek. Local tributaries like Pine Creek or Cottonwood Creek flow through or near many of Colorado Springs’ neighborhoods and eventually drain to Fountain Creek. Because all creeks in Colorado Springs flow into Fountain Creek, the entire drainage area is called the Fountain Creek Watershed.

The overall purpose of the signs is to better inform residents of the interrelationship between our city's creeks and the watershed.

If you see a damaged or missing sign, please contact (719) 385-5566.