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City of Colorado Springs / Development Review Enterprise / Waldo Canyon Fire Rebuilding Information

City Planning Process - Waldo Canyon Fire Rebuilding Information

August 4, 2012

Note:  This document is intended to augment and compliment the one page handout provided by the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (RBD).  City Planning via its Development Review Enterprise (DRE) coordinates with RBD to assure that building permits are consistent with zoning and associated land development regulations.  For information regarding construction review or building codes refer to the following link for the Regional Building Department (RBD):

In an effort to assist in the rebuilding process, the City of Colorado Springs has developed a simplified site plan review procedure that is now available for those who may have lost their homes or experienced fire related damage.  Homes that were damaged or destroyed may be rebuilt using the existing approved development plan on file with the City.  Revesting will not be required for expired development plans.   Within the rebuild area, lot coverage and height may be exceeded to the same extent as the previously existing home.  Any necessary building permits must be obtained within four years of the date of destruction.  For all rebuilt homes affected by the fire, substantially reduced non-hillside review fee rates will apply. 

The steps necessary to obtain a permit will vary based on which of the following four scenarios describes the intended reconstruction plans.  This handout is intended to briefly address the development review process for most but not all situations. Unique factors could also apply in some instances.  These may include geological hazard, drainage, erosion control, fuels management and building construction considerations among others.  For additional information and any remaining unanswered questions please contact the DRE office by calling 385-5982 or visiting the DRE office at 2880 International Circle, Suite 200-7.

 1.  Use of existing foundation, same house:

Homes being rebuilt on the existing foundation can be approved using either the original site plan or a less detailed plan such an Improvement Location Certificate (ILC) or a FIMS map.  To see if the City has a record of the original plan contact the DRE office at the number listed above.  If a site plan is not available, FIMS maps provide a low cost option and may be obtained from the Colorado Springs Utilities FIMS office located at the Leon Young Service Center at 1521 Hancock Expressway.   Information such as height calculations contours and cut/fill analysis that is normally shown on hillside plans will not be required unless additional new grading is proposed.  In that case show site changes only in the newly disturbed areas.  Plan reviews at the Development Review Enterprise (DRE) will be conducted over the counter by DRE staff M-F between the hours of 9:00-11:45 am and 1:00-3:45 pm.

2.  Non-use of existing foundation, same house and location:

The process and review time is the same as No. 1 above.  If the location of the house is moved from the existing location or if modifications to the foundation or deck are proposed, the site plan will be checked for conformance with setbacks and lot coverage.

3.  Building new house (different from original):

The review process for homes with new designs will vary depending on the amount of new site grading that is to occur.  If the grading for new homes is to be substantially unchanged from the previous design, the requirement for contour information will be waived similar to Nos. 1 and 2 above.  All new retaining walls should be shown and the height of the walls noted.  For these homes non-hillside building height calculations may be used.  For new home designs requiring significant site grading, full site plan details will be necessary.  For these homes a hillside site plan checklist can be obtained at the following:

4.  Repair of existing structure due to fire damage:

Reroofs, wall or window replacements, interior work and/or deck repairs do not require a review by the DRE.  For structure or deck modifications or enlargements, the process will be the same as any remodel or addition for an existing residential structure.


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 Ref. 7.5.104(B)(4)