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City of Colorado Springs / City Engineering / PPRTA Projects / Fillmore Street Corridor Improvement Project

Fillmore Street Corridor Improvement Project


Project Summary:

The City of Colorado Springs, in conjunction with the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) is beginning the final design stage for improvements to the Fillmore Corridor from Interstate 25 (I-25) to Sage Street.  This project is listed on the "Priority A Projects" identified as Fillmore Street Corridor.  This key transportation corridor provides access to I-25 for west Colorado Springs as well as various businesses and recreational opportunities. 

Fillmore Street Corridor Design
Fillmore and Chestnut Realignment

The project corridor is characterized by a steep grade on the west end with limited public improvements through the corridor.  The steep grade on Fillmore Street and the complex five-approach signalized intersection at the south bound I-25 ramps (and Chestnut Street) constrain the available capacity of the Fillmore Street corridor.  Congestion at the I-25 ramp intersections results in significant delays on all approaches to this intersection.

The goal of the project is to design and construct improvements which will address the congestion occurring on Fillmore Street, particularly at the I-25 ramps during peak travel.  These conditions are expected to worsen in the future due to anticipated development within the immediate area.

Project Funding:

The design will be segmented into two phases - preliminary design and final design.  The final design was completed in spring 2012. Construction will begin in late 2012. The total project budget is $7,286,266.

Project Schedule:

The final design was completed in Spring 2012.  Construction began in October 2012 and was significantly complete in December 2013.  Landscaping will be completed in spring 2014.

Project Hotline:  The project hotline number is 719-578-5225 Ext. 10.  Please call this number to be added to the project email list for updates.

Project Contacts:  Aaron Egbert (City Project Manager, 385-5465), and Scott Barnhart (PPRTA Project Manager, 385-5416).