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City of Colorado Springs / Stormwater / Stormwater Management Assessment

Stormwater Management Assessment


The City is investigating revisions to its stormwater planning, design and construction policies and practices to improve their effectiveness in creating development and capital projects that are more "sustainable" and cost effective.  Many of the current policies and practices were developed 20 years ago with the exception of water quality criteria, added in 2002.


The overall project goal is to complete a comprehensive assessment of stormwater management policies and practices and revise appropriate documents to provide an integrated, "watershed wise" approach that is technically sound, cost effective and practical to implement, resulting in more "sustainable" stormwater systems.


It is also a goal of this project to create an open, responsive process that allows all interested parties to participate through appropriate levels of commitment and to adequately exchange information about the project.  Please feel free to contribute to the completion of this project through participation in our stakeholder meetings, public meetings or by membership in an "issue group".


Current Project Status (June 9th):    


Completed Phase 1 - Data Collection and Scoping 

Concluding Phase 2 - Analysis

Continuing Phase 3 - Document Development

Presentations describing project progress and recommendations have been made to the Executive Leadership Team (March 29th), the Fountain Creek Watershed District Board (April 22nd) and the City/County Drainage Board (June 2nd).  These presentations were very similar, but the most comprehensive presentation was made to the Drainage Board.  The project summary and presentation provided to the Drainage Board, in addition to the meeting minutes, are here:


Project Summary to Drainage Board (December 2, 2011)

Presentation to Drainage Board (June 2, 2011)

Minutes of June 2, 2011 Drainage Board Meeting


(By clicking the right mouse button and "Save Target As..." you can download the files.)


To more comprehensively address stormwater management issues related to site planning, floodplain administration, project phasing and watershed-wide application "spin-off" projects have been identified.  These projects and estimated to require about $275,000 in additional funding which is being pursued.


To access draft Drainage Criteria Manuals click below:


Draft Drainage Criteria Manuals


Additional project information is available in the PDF documents linked below.















Project documents and several reference documents can be downloaded at:






Contact: Dan Bare P.E., Project Manager, City Engineering, Stormwater Enterprise,



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