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*** Effective February 8, 2011 - Exempt and non-exempt employees will serve a probationary period of 12 months ***

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Complete Classification List in Alphabetical order



Accountant I & II

Accounting Payroll Technician

Administrative Technician

Airport Communications Center Supervisor

Airport Customer Service Coordinator

Airport Design & Construction Manager

Airport Facilities Supervisor

Airport Finance & Administration Manager

Airport HR-Admin Manager

Airport Maintenance Coordinator

Airport Maintenance Manager

Airport Master Electrician

Airport Operations Agent

Airport Operations Manager

Airport Planning and Development Manager

Airport Properties Administrator

Analyst I & II

Assistant City Auditor

Associate Fleet Technician

Auditor I

Auditor II

Aviation Assistant Director

Aviation Director

Body Shop Supervisor

Cemetery Supervisor

Cemetery Technician

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Probation Officer

City Engineering Inspector Supervisor

City Engineering Manager

City Forestry Manager

City Horticulturist

Civil Engineer I & II

Claims Adjustor I & II

Clinical Assistant

Code Enforcement Officer

Code Enforcement Supervisor

Communications Center Dispatcher

Communications Installer

Communications Manager

Communications Specialist

Communications Systems Field Engineer

Communications Technician

Community Development Block Grant Specialist

Community Development Manager

Community Service Officer

Comprehensive Planning/Land Use Manager

Construction Project Specialist

Contracts Coordinator  

Courtroom Assistant

Crime Lab Manager

Crime Lab Supervisor

Crime Scene Technician

Cultural Services Manager

Customer Service Representative

Deputy City Clerk

Development Review Enterprise Manager

Digital Imaging Technician

DNA Analyst


Electronic Maintenance Technician

Electronic Specialist

Emergency Management Coordinator

Emergency Response Technician

Energy Efficiency Services Administrator

Engineering Inspector I & II

Engineering Manager

Engineering Programs Manager

Engineering Specialist

Engineering Technician I & II

Environmental Safety & Health Coordinator

Equipment Operator I & II

Equipment Operator III

Evidence Technician

Finance Supervisor

Financial Services Manager

Fire Administration Manager

Fire and Life Safety Educator

Fire Battalion Chief

Fire Captain

Fire Chief

Fire Code Examiner I & II

Fire Code Inspector I

Fire Code Inspector II

Fire Deputy Chief

Fire Deputy Marshal

Fire Driver Engineer

Fire Fleet/Facilities Coordinator

Fire Investigator

Fire Lieutenant

Fire Marshal

Fire Medical Quality Assurance Administrator

Fire Medical Training Specialist

Fire Paramedic

Fire Prevention Section Supervisor

Fire Protection Engineer I & II


Fleet Inventory Specialist

Fleet Manager

Fleet Services Supervisor

Fleet Technician

Forensic Chemist


Forestry Technician

GIS Analyst I & II

GIS Technician I & II

Golf Course Superintendent

Golf Courses Manager

Graphics Technician

Hazardous Materials Specialist

Housing Authority Assistant Executive Director of Finance & Administration

Housing Authority Assistant Executive Director of Operations

Housing Authority Cook

Housing Authority Director

Housing Authority Golden Circle Nutrition Program Supervisor

Housing Authority Grounds Technician

Housing Authority Housing Inspector

Housing Authority Section 8 Supervisor

Housing Authority Senior Cook

Housing Authority Senior Housing Inspector

Housing Authority Supervisor of Asset Management

Housing Management Technician

Housing Specialist I & II

Human Resources Director

Human Resources Manager

ID Clerk

Information Systems Analyst I & II & III

Information Systems Auditor

Information Systems Manager

Information Systems Supervisor

Information Systems Technician   

Investigative Specialist

Land Development Review Manager

Land Use Inspector

Landscape Architect I & II

Lead Engineering Inspector

Lead Transit Dispatcher

Legal Administrator

License Enforcement Officer

Licensed Practical Nurse

Licensed Surveyor

Litigation Specialist I & II

Maintenance Crew Leader

Maintenance Services Worker

Maintenance Technician I & II


Medical Office Assistant

Medical Office Specialist

Municipal Court Administrator

Municipal Court Clerk

Museum Archivist

Museum Curator

Museum Exhibits Designer

Museum Guard 

Museum Registrar

Network Engineer 

Office Assistant  

Office Specialist 

Park Planning & TOPS Manager

Park Ranger

Parking Enforcement Officer

Parking Meter Mechanic

Parking Systems Manager

Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Services Director

Parks, Trails and Open Space Manager

Parts Supervisor

Parts/Supply Specialist 

Physical Therapist I & II

Pikes Peak Highway Manager

Pikes Peak Highway Patrol Officer

Pikes Peak Highway Ranger

Pikes Peak Highway Ranger Supervisor 

Planner I & II

Planning Assistant 

Police Administrative Services Manager

Police Chief

Police Commander

Police Court Liaison

Police Deputy Chief  

Police Evidence Supervisor

Police Impound Facility Supervisor

Police Lieutenant Patrol

Police Logistics Support Manager

Police Marshal Supervisor

Police Officer Patrol

Police Property Coordinator

Police Psychologist

Police Records Manager

Police Sergeant Patrol

Police Service Representative

Principal Accountant

Principal Analyst

Principal Information Systems Analyst

Principal Network Engineer

Principal Sales Tax Auditor

Principal Statistics and Operations Analyst

Principal Traffic Engineer

Printing Technician I & II

Probation Officer

Procurement Services Manager

Program Coordinator 

Public Communications Specialist I & II

Public Safety Communications Manager

Public Safety Communications Supervisor 

Public Safety Dispatcher

Public Safety Volunteer Operations Coordinator

Public Safety Volunteer Program Administrator

Real Estate Services Manager

Real Estate Specialist II

Recreation Assistant

Recreation Services Manager

Recreation Supervisor

Recreation Therapist

Redevelopment Specialist

Regional Parks Supervisor

Sales Tax Auditor I & II

Sales Tax Investigator I/II & Senior

Sales Tax Manager

Sales Tax Technician

Senior Accountant

Senior Airport Operations Agent

Senior Analyst

Senior Auditor

Senior Civil Engineer

Senior Claims Adjustor

Senior Code Enforcement Officer

Senior Engineering Inspector

Senior Equipment Operator

Senior Evidence Technician

Senior Fire Protection Engineer

Senior Fleet Technician

Senior Forensic Chemist

Senior GIS Analyst

Senior Information Systems Analyst

Senior Information Systems Auditor

Senior Legal Assistant

Senior Maintenance Technician

Senior Marshal

Senior Network Engineer

Senior Office Specialist

Senior Parking Meter Mechanic

Senior Parts Specialist

Senior Planner

Senior Public Communications Specialist

Senior Redevelopment Specialist

Senior Sales Tax Auditor

Senior Skilled Maintenance Technician

Senior Traffic Engineer

Skilled Maintenance Supervisor

Skilled Maintenance Technician

Street Operations Manager

Street Programs Supervisor

Street Repair Inspector

Streets Equipment Coordinator

Streets Manager

Traffic Engineer I & II

Traffic Engineering Field Specialist

Traffic Technician I & II

Transit Dispatcher

Transit Services Supervisor

Transit Systems Manager

Transportation Planning Engineer

Transportation Planning Manager

Video Production Specialist