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City of Colorado Springs / Land Use Review / Development Assistance Bulletins

Development Assistance Bulletins

The following links provide brief explanations to various development questions and information on City application processes. If you have additional questions or need further information, please feel free to contact the Land Use Review Division directly at (719) 385-5905.

 100s - General Information

DAB 101 - How do I apply for a land use application?

DAB 102 - How do I find my property lines?

DAB 103 - What is a Drainage Basin Planning Study (DBPS)?

DAB 104 - What do I need to know before I purchase a property?

DAB 105 - How do I schedule a post-project review?

DAB 106 - What are special taxing districts?

DAB 107 - What is the Comprehensive Plan?

DAB 108 - What is the Intermodal Transportation Plan (ITP)? 


200s - Zoning

DAB 201 - How do I find the zoning of my property?

DAB 202 - What is an Overlay District?

DAB 203 - How does either the Hillside and Streamside Overlay affect my property?

DAB 204 - What is Historic Preservation?

DAB 205 - How do I maintain a Hillside Property? 


300s - Building & Developing

DAB 301 - Can I build another structure on my property?

DAB 302 - What are the restrictions for Temporary Banners and Inflatable signs?

DAB 303 - What is an MS4 Permit?

DAB 304 - What do I need to know before I build a fence?

DAB 305 - Can I build another dwelling unit on my property?


400s - Uses

DAB 401 - What are the regulations for animals at my property?

DAB 402 - What is a Legal Non-Conforming Use?

DAB 403 - What is a Residential Accessory Use?

DAB 404 - What do I need to know about Medical Marijuana regulations?

DAB 405 - What is a short-term rental?


500s - Landscaping, Rights-of-Way and Parking

DAB 501 - What are the off-street parking standards?



600s - Permits  

DAB 601 - How do I obtain a concrete, excavation or traffic control permit? 

 DAB 602 - I want to start a home daycare; what do I do?

DAB 603 - Do I need a Home Occupation permit?

DAB 604 - What is a Revocable Permit?