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Lights and Locks for Seniors

The Lights and Locks for Seniors Program is a federally funded program offered by the Housing Development Division in cooperation with the Colorado Springs Police Department. The program provides grant assistance to help low income seniors, who qualify, to improve the security of their homes. Homeowners can receive grant assistance up to $1,500 and tenants can receive up to $750 in grant assistance.  The annual program maximum is $25,000. Assistance is provide on a first come, first serve basis. The types of improvements may include:

§  Deadbolts

§  Safety chains

§  Low sodium lamps or equivalent for yards
and garage  areas

§  Sliding door pins or arm bars

§  Hinges

§  Sliding window locks

§  Motion sensor lighting

§  Safety chains

§  Peepholes

§  Strike plates

§  Replace exterior hollow core doors

§  Trimming of bushes


    - see if you qualify and get more information !