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Park Reservation Areas

Pavilion and Wedding Reservation Guide

Pavilion Key Pick-up Procedures
Pavilion keys are now located onsite.  You will receive instructions for how to obtain the combination to the key lock box when you book your pavilion.  If you are booking through our online system, please be sure to read through the waiver and print it out as the key retrieval instructions are contained within that document.  You must print your receipt and the waiver at the time of booking as you will not be able to retrieve these documents at a later date.  You are responsible for locking all facilities and returning the key(s) to the lock box and securing the padlock.  If you have any questions, please call our front desk at 385-5940.

  • Antlers Park: key needed for restrooms.  Box is located on southern post outside of restrooms.  See picture below.
  • Cheyenne Mesa: key needed for gate and restrooms.  Box is located on the gate.  See picture below.
  • Palmer Park Council Grounds: key needed for gate and restrooms.  Box is located at the gate. See picture below.
  • Palmer Park Lazy Land: key needed for gate and restrooms.  Box is located on entrance sign. See picture below.
  • Palmer Park Youth Camp: key needed for gate and restrooms.  Box is located on entrance sign. See picture below.
  • Memorial Park Pavilions A, B, and C: key needed for gate and restrooms.  NOTE:  There may be more than one pavilion reserved at a time; please unlock the facilities and then return the key to the lock box.  Do not leave the premises with the key.  The last party to leave should lock everything up and return the keys to the lock box. Box is located on western post of cable gate. See picture below.
  • Monument Valley Park: key needed for the grills and electrical box.  Restrooms open automatically on a timer. Box is located on southwest post of pavilion on the electrical box. See picture below.
NOTE:  Keys are not needed for Meadows,Nancy Lewis Park or Thorndale Parks.

Reserve for Activities, Pavilions and Memberships

View of American MothersChapel at Rock Ledge Ranch


American Mother's Chapel at Rock Ledge Ranch
Reservation fee: $200 per day
Hours: 11 am to sunset

American Mother's Chapel Rules

  • The American Mothers' Chapel is located on Park property at the intersection of 31st Street and Chambers Way, next to the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site.
  • for Chapel reservations is on Chambers Way only. The Historic Site's parking lot is not part of the reservation area. Please include this information with your guest invitations. Under no circumstances may a motor vehicle park next to the Chapel inside the Park fence line.
  • All alcoholic beverages are prohibited in city parks Ordinance No. 21-9-410.
  • Chapel reservations do not apply to any other part of the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site.

Please note the following

  • There is a heater/air conditioner unit in the building for your use. Please be sure it is turned off when you leave.
  • The Chapel is in a natural area. Please do not throw rice or confetti as it will kill bird life.
  • Flowers or other decorations should not be delivered early, or left after the use of the Chapel. There may be other reservations before or after yours.
  • The American Mothers' Chapel seats 12, so only wedding parties of 15 people or less may be scheduled there.
  • There are no restrooms or changing areas.
  • All other Park Permit Regulations apply. (See Park Hours & Rules)

Antlers Park Pavilion
Location: West of the Antlers Hotel on Sierra Madre.
Antlers Park Map
Maximum Capacity: 40-Suggested capacity*
Facilities: Seats 40 under shelter. Rest rooms available upon request during summer months. Electrical outlets available upon request. No grills.
Recreation: No playground or sports facilities.
Special Instructions: Please, do not park in business establishments' lots across the street.


View of Antlers Park Lock Box
Pavilion in Antlers Park

Restrooms at Cheyenne Mesa
Cheyenne Cañon Mesa
Cheyenne Cañon Park Map
Location: South Cañon Road toward Seven Falls. Road is marked with a sign.
Maximum Capacity: 100-Suggested capacity*
Facilities: Seats 72 under shelter. Restrooms are available year-round. No electricity.
Recreation: Hiking trails.

Memorial Park
Location: Southwest portion of park near Hancock Avenue and Costilla Street.
Memorial Park Map
Maximum Capacity: 50-Suggested capacity* (Three pavilions are available; 50 people max. at each pavilion.)
Facilities: Seats 50 under each shelter. One grill at each pavilion. Restrooms available with reservations during summer months. No electricity. .
Recreation: One playground at pavilion site, three playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, playfields in park, jogging trail around Prospect Lake. 
View of Memorial's Lock Box
Pavilion A in Memorial Park
Pavilion B

View of Monument Valley Park Lock Box
Monument Valley Park Pavilion
Monument Valley Park
Location: Southeast of I-25 and Uintah Street in the south portion of the park near the swimming
Monument Valley Park Map
Maximum Capacity: 200 suggested capacity*
Facilities: Seats 200 under large shelter. Two large grills, restrooms available year round. Electrical outlets available for use upon request.
Recreation: Playground, jogging trail, basketball, sand volleyball (when not reserved), tennis courts, playfields.


Heritage Garden Gazebo
in Monument Valley Park

Location: Just south of
the intersection of Glen Avenue and Uintah. Just behind the Colorado College Facility Services Building, 1125 Glen
Maximum Capacity: 10-35 suggested capacity*  NOTE:  There are 2 benches in the Gazebo, and the
wall around the Thyme Garden makes pleasant seating.
Facilities: Recommended for small weddings and gatherings. Picnics not permitted. No seating provided, can bring in chairs. Limited parking along Mesa Road. Shelter, no electricity, no restrooms, no tables, no grills, no keys.


Nancy Lewis
Location: 2615 Logan Ave., Templeton Gap Road and Logan Avenue.
Nancy Lewis Park Map
Maximum Capacity: 50-Suggested capacity.
Facilities: Seats 20 under each shelter. Restrooms available. No electricity.
Recreation: Soccer/t-ball field, playground, shelter, croquet/putting green, sand volleyball court, picnicking, pond/waterfall/fountain, sidewalk paths, restroom, hospice tree dedication legacy wall, handicapped access.

Palmer Park
Palmer Park, Council Ground
Location: Academy and Maizeland
Palmer Park Map
Maximum Capacity: 100 suggested capacity*
Facilities: Seats 84 under shelter. Restrooms (available in summer only). No electricity.
Recreation: Hiking/mountain biking trails

View of Council Ground Lock Box Council Grounds Pavilion

Palmer Park, Lazy Land 
Location: Northeast corner of Palmer Park off of Academy and Maizeland
Maximum Capacity: 100 suggested capacity*
Facilities: Seats 100 under shelter. Restrooms summer months only. No electricity.
Recreation: Volleyball court, horseshoe pit (bring your own equipment), hiking/mountain biking trails.

View of Lazy Land Lock Box Lazy Land Pavilion

Palmer Park, The Meadows
Academy and Maizeland
Maximum Capacity: 50-Suggested capacity*
Facilities: Shelter with tables. One grill, drinking fountain nearby. Restrooms available year round. No electricity.
Recreation: Volleyball courts (when not reserved). Large playground area, playfields.

Meadows Pavilion

Palmer Park, Youth Camp
Northeast corner of Palmer Park
Maximum Capacity: 100 Suggested capacity*
Facilities: Seats 84 under shelter. Rest rooms available during summer months only. Electrical outlets on light pole.
Recreation: Hiking/mountain biking trails.

View of Youth Camp Lock Box Youth Camp Pavilion

Thorndale Park
24th and Uintah
Thorndale Park Map
Maximum Capacity: 50 Suggested capacity*
Facilities: Seats 20 under shelter. Rest rooms available during summer months only.
Recreation: Tennis Courts, Basketball Court, Playground, Ballfield, and Multi-use area.