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Fillmore Street Corridor Transportation Study

Project Summary:
The City of Colorado Springs, in conjunction with the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA), is conducting a corridor analysis along Fillmore Street, between Sinton Road and Centennial Boulevard, in anticipation of the 2014 PPRTA project to improve Fillmore Street operations. This project is listed on the "Priority A Projects" identified as Fillmore Street Corridor (I-25 to Centennial Boulevard). This key transportation corridor provides access to Interstate 25 (I-25) for west Colorado Springs as well as various businesses and recreational opportunities.
Fillmore Street Corridor Project Limits
Fillmore Street Corridor Study Project Limits
The project corridor is characterized by a steep grade on the west end and variable cross-sections throughout. The steep grade on Fillmore Hill and the complex, five-approach signalized intersection at the southbound I-25 ramps (and Chestnut Street) constrain the carrying capacity of the Fillmore Street corridor. Congestion at the I-25 ramp intersections results in significant queuing on all approaches to this intersection.
The goal of the study is to develop a project that will address the congestion and queuing problems currently occurring on Fillmore Street, particularly at the I-25 ramps during peak traffic conditions. These conditions are expected to worsen in the future. It is also anticipated that the construction of Centennial Boulevard to I-25 will have positive effects on the Fillmore Street Corridor and local streets in the adjacent Mesa Springs and Mesa Road neighborhoods. For that reason, analysis for the completion of Centennial Road to the Fontanero Street/I-25 Interchange and finding opportunities for funding its construction is also included in the Study.


Public Involvement Process:
Stakeholders and those who have potentially affected interests were identified and contacted throughout the development of the corridor study. In order to assist with identifying those with potentially affected interests, project introduction meetings were held with area Home Owner Associations (HOAs), adjacent businesses and local developers. From these meetings, it was decided that the best approach to encourage and include public input was through implementation of working groups.
Project introduction meetings were held with homeowner associations in March 2010, with follow-up working group meetings conducted in April and May. Project update meetings were also held in late May and June to update general attendees of the HOAs of the progress the working groups had made in identifying and developing corridor improvements, and one-on-one contacts continued through July and August.
The alternatives that have come out of this process are identified below. Please click on the link of each alternative to see a description and performance summary for that alternative:
Project Funding:
This corridor analysis was funded by a public/private partnership. It is anticipated that a similar type of partnership may also be developed to generate additional funding for construction of a long-term solution that includes both Fillmore Street corridor improvements and the extension of Centennial Boulevard to the I-25/Fontanero Street interchange. For funding the extension of Centennial Boulevard, both traditional and non-traditional funding sources will be explored as means to expedite completion of the extension to I-25. Strategies and recommendations will be developed to stress sustainable return on investment.
Project Schedule:
The Fillmore Street Traffic Analysis and Corridor Study is scheduled to be completed in fall 2010. An initial neighborhood meeting was held in early March followed by small group workshops in the spring. Additional small group sessions were held in June, with one-on-one contacts continuing through July and August. Stakeholders and other interested parties will be offered the opportunity to comment on the alternatives under consideration and to provide additional feedback through an online survey that will be launched in September. After the survey is closed, a wrap-up stakeholder/neighborhood forum will be held to present study findings and to facilitate additional open discussion of the project issues and concerns. Input received through the course of the study will be used to inform the project team of the issues and concerns to be addressed in developing final operational improvement recommendations for the corridor.

Project Contacts: Tim Roberts (City Project Manager, 385-5481) and Maureen Paz de Araujo (Consultant Project Manager, 272-8833).