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City of Colorado Springs / Housing Development / Programs and Services

Programs and Services

Affordable Housing Program
The Housing Development Division supports the development and preservation of affordable housing in Colorado Springs.  The City provides low-interest loans, grants, and technical assistance to qualified entities to fulfill this goal.

Capital Improvement Program
Housing Development works to preserve neighborhoods by coordinating and funding capital improvements within seven designated Neighborhood Strategy Areas.  Projects include sidewalks, curbs and gutters, park and trail development, street lighting and paving.

Housing Rehabilitation Program

Housing Development works to eliminate slum and blight conditions while improving the well-being of low income households.  Financial assistance in the form of low-interest loans and grants as well as technical assistance is provided to qualified persons for essential housing repairs.

Human Service Funding
Housing Development provides funding to local 501(c)(3) and 509(a) non-profit agencies for the provision of human services to low and moderate-income persons in the community.  These activities are governed by the federal regulations for the Community Development Block Grant.

Loan Servicing
Housing Development services its own rehabilitation and affordable housing loans.  The servicing section handles monthly payments, delinquencies, payoffs and releasing, credit verifications, subordinations and loan assumptions.


Transit Pass Grant Program

The City of Colorado Springs, Housing Development Division (HDD), makes grants available to offset the cost of One-Ride bus passes to agencies that serve homeless persons or low income persons at risk of becoming homeless. $18,000 is available for distribution in 2014.  This funding will be allocated through an application process.


Call 385-5912 or e-mail if you have questions about programs and services offered by the Housing Development Division.