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Colorado Springs, CO 80910
Phone: 719-385-5950
Hours: Headquarters 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Division of the Fire Marshal 8:00 a.m. - Noon and 1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Division of the Fire Marshal

Mission Statement: To promote a safer community through hazard mitigation, fire prevention, fire code development and enforcement, fire investigation, public education, hazardous materials regulation, and wildland fire risk management.

What The Division Is All About

The Division of the Fire Marshal consists of seven sections: Engineering, Inspections, Hazardous Materials, Support Services, Investigations, Public Education, and Wildland Risk Management. Personnel are authorized to write summonses for violations of not only the Fire Code, but also pertinent City Code and State requirements.

Each year, fire activities and problem areas are examined and a decision is made on what activities the Company Inspection Program will focus on. This allows companies to verify compliance with Code requirements and to become familiar with the occupancies within their respective districts.


The Engineering Section assures new commercial structures will meet not only Fire Code provisions, but also the Operations personnel's needs during emergency responses.


Personnel within this section are assigned fire station districts and perform all Fire Code compliance inspections associated with new construction activities, complaints, referrals, special events, etc. They also support the pertinent stations' personnel by responding to incidents requiring their expertise, assisting them with issues regarding the Fire Code and their assigned inspections, and other needs as required.

Hazardous Materials

A Hazardous Materials Specialist and an Inspector accomplish inspections of new and existing facilities utilizing hazardous materials that present a high explosion risk and verify their compliance with SARA Title III provisions, the Fire Code, and other federal and state regulations. The Department's HazMat Team assist by performing inspections of businesses with materials of a less critical nature.

All companies involved with the use, storage, and/or handling of hazardous materials must comply with SARA Title III requirements as well as the Fire Code's provision for a Fire Permit. The Division facilitates this process by providing all necessary forms that must be completed and instructions on how to do so. With the assistance of the Support Section and the Department's Information Services Division, this packet is now available on the Internet.

Support Services

This section works closely with the other sections' and the Fire Board of Appeals in facilitating their assigned tasks and completing yearly initiatives. Personnel are also responsible for managing various activities, up to and including the Haz Mat Permit Program, the Knox Rapid Entry System, Environmental Assessment Request, and the revenue the Division generates

Fire Investigations

Fire investigations promotes a safer community through fire problem identification and the reduction of fire incident frequency with regular feedback to the Department's overall fire mitigation strategy. The five professional investigators who are sworn fire fighters and Colorado Certified Peace Officers investigate and assist in prosecution of the crime of arson in collaboration with surrounding federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. They are responsible for determining origin and cause of fires within the City of Colorado Springs and provide investigative services involving hostile fire events. They also participate in outreach programs such as our Juvenile Fire Setters program.

Community Services

We will work together to create a safer Colorado Springs through educational efforts, coalitions and awareness by changing unsafe behaviors and impacting high risk audiences based on community needs.

Wildfire Mitigation

Creating awareness of the wildfire risk in the city's wildland-urban interface and delivering mitigation information that assists in reducing the danger is the Wildfire Mitigation Section's primary objective. Wildfire hazard evaluations have been performed on more than 35,360 homes within the city's interface and are located at Neighborhoods presentations are available at no charge to neighborhood/homeowner's associations and other interested groups by calling 385-7342.

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