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Campaign Finance

Campaign Disclosure Requirements Summary

The City of Colorado Springs requires disclosure of information relating to the private business interests of candidates and disclosure of information related to campaign finance. Candidates, candidate committees, issue committees, and political committees must file the disclosure statements.

The filing requirements are summarized below.  However, candidates and committees must comply with the City Code section 5.2.101 through section 5.2.105 as well as City Code section 5.2.201 through section 5.2.211.  See the City Code for the specific requirements, as the following information serves only as a general guide to the disclosure requirements.

Candidate Disclosure of Substantial Private Business Interests

Within ten days after filing an Affidavit of Independent Candidacy, a candidate must disclose the substantial private business interests of the candidate and the candidate's spouse. Substantial private business interests include real property located in El Paso County, other than real property used as the primary residence of the candidate or the candidate's spouse. Disclosure is required only if the interest is located or does business in El Paso County. "Substantial private business interests" generally means:

  • an investment or other interest , whether direct or indirect, in a business entity or commercial venture located in or doing business in El Paso County; .
  • a beneficial interest in a trust or any asset located in or doing business in El Paso County; and
  • an ownership interest or any other interest in real property (other than real property used as the primary residence of the candidate or the candidate's spouse) that is owned by the candidate or the candidate's spouse and is located in El Paso County.
Campaign Finance Disclosure Requirements

Although there are no limits on the amount of contributions to a candidate or committee or the source of those contributions, candidates, candidate committees, political committees, and issue committees are required to disclose periodically a "Report of Contributions and Expenditures." The materials you received provide the specific dates when the reports are required during the campaign and the period covered by each report.

The threshold that triggers the requirement to file is very low. Once a candidate or a committee has expenditures OR receipts of $20 dollars or more during the election cycle, reporting is required for all reporting periods, even if in a later period, there are no expenditures or receipts. The threshold for issue committees is higher at $200. Once reporting is required, candidates and committees must report all contributions and expenditures. Contributions and expenditures of $20 or greater must be itemized. Specific information about each contributor must be reported. Loans must also be reported.

If you are not sure whether a contribution must be reported, it is advisable to report it. There is no harm in over reporting.

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Campaign Finance Forms
Please Note: Current methods to file are email, FAX, hand delivery and postal mail.
Filing Deadlines - April 7, 2015 Municipal Election
•  October 1, 2014-covers May 2, 2013 through September 26, 2014
?  November 1, 2014 -covers September  27 through October 27, 2014
•  December 1, 2014-covers October  28 through November 26, 2014
•  January 2, 2015-covers November  27 through December 27, 2014
•  January 15, 2015-covers December  30, 2014 through January 10, 2015
?  February 1, 2015-covers January 11 through January 27, 2015
•  February 15, 2015-covers January 28 through February 10, 2015
?  March 1, 2015 -covers February 11  through February 24, 2015
?  March 15, 2015 -covers February 25 through March 10, 2015
•  April 3, 2015-covers March 11 through March 29, 2015
•  May 7, 2015-covers March 30 through May 2, 2015
Candidate Information - April 7, 2015 Municipal Election

Information about eligibility and the process to get on the ballot for the April 7, 2015 General Municipal Election can be found on the Candidate Information page.