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The City organization's strategic goals call staff to, "Maximize resources that provide quality of life city services and programs, including adherence to... city services, sustainable growth and economic vitality goals; enhancing conveniences for our citizens; preserving environmental resources including our natural landscape; and providing the art, cultural and recreational amenities befitting the size and geographic location of Colorado Springs." The City has made substantial progress toward sustainability efforts and below are our Guiding Principles for a More Sustainable City. The City's goals as stated in the principles are:
1.       The City of Colorado Springs is committed to meeting its existing needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The long-term impacts of policy choices shall be considered to ensure a sustainable legacy. The organization shall demonstrate and maintain a good image in the community and strive to be a leader in the sustainability industry.
2.       Support policies and programs that mitigate the negative impacts of population growth and consumption. This includes ensuring efficient use of, and reduced demand for, natural resources while taking necessary precautions to prevent toxic pollution and waste and protect human health.
3.       Implement land use, transportation planning and other policies that foster environmental quality and economic vitality. Encourage development and redevelopment efforts that consider sustainable land use practices, such as compact, mixed-use projects, utilization of intelligent transportation systems and maintaining existing open space. Address issues within the City process that may add difficulty to sustainable development efforts.
4.       Make procurement decisions with regard to purchasing and contracting that minimize negative environmental and social impacts, maximize long-term value and contribute to local and regional economic health.
5.       Build community awareness, responsibility, involvement, partnership and education as the key elements of successful sustainability programs and projects. Educate citizens and businesses about Colorado Springs' efforts to foster growth in a sustainable manner and facilitate citizen participation in City policy decisions.
6.       Develop cross-sector partnerships necessary to achieve local, state and national sustainability efforts that are adopted by our Council. Since local environmental, economic and social issues cannot be fully separated from their broader context, City programs and policies should recognize linkages to regional, national, and federal issues and solutions. Furthermore, the long-term sustainability of our City is linked to multi-sector solutions, and therefore partnerships among other governments, developers, businesses, residents, and community stakeholders are necessary to achieve a healthy and vibrant community.

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