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City of Colorado Springs / Land Use Review / Publications & Maps / Maps


The City of Colorado Springs has a variety of maps available to be viewed and/or downloaded. The maps are in .pdf format and require Adobe 4.0 or higher to view and download. Each map contains its own disclaimer and copyright date.

There is a disclaimer for public usage of the maps; however you are welcome to download and print them as long as they are within the disclaimer parameters.


The City has an aerial map program identified as SpringsView. This program provides an aerial photo of properties within the City of Colorado Springs. There is a variety of information available within the program includes base zoning and overlays, parks, schools, topography, development plans, etc. Each layer may be turned on or off depending on which type of information is needed. You may zoom in and out to a particular area with the cursor or identify a specific property by typing in the tax schedule number or address. Click here to load the SpringsView program.

PDF - General Reference Map   GENERAL REFERENCE MAPspacer(4855.6KB)

A map that provides an overall view of the City of Colorado Springs with identification of neighborhoods and major arterial streets

PDF - Planning Areas   PLANNING AREASspacer(2880.1KB)

A map that indicates the current geographic planning areas for the Land Use Review Division

PDF - Hillside and Airport Overlay Map   HILLSIDE AND AIRPORT OVERLAY MAPspacer(4451.6KB)

A map that identifies the area within the City limits that has hillside characteristics as well as the area within the path of the Colorado Springs Airport. The Hillside Overlay pertains to areas that are characterized by slope, vegetation, drainage, rock outcroppings and other physical factors that require special attention during development. The Airport Overlay was established to identify the area of air navigation served by the Airport.

PDF - Preble Jumping Mouse Habitat   PREBLE JUMPING MOUSE HABITATspacer(4875.5KB)

A map that identifies the portions of land that are protected under the Endangered Species Act for the Preble Jumping Mouse Habitat to ensure the continued survival of the species.

PDF - Homeowner Associations   HOMEOWNER ASSOCIATIONSspacer(6471.7KB)

A map of all homeowner and neighborhood associations that have registered with the Land Use Review Division. Some homeowner and neighborhood associations may not be shown on this map if they have not been formallly organized or registered with the City.

PDF - Neighborhood Map   NEIGHBORHOOD MAPspacer(1754.9KB)

A map that provides a listing of the various neighborhoods located throughout the City.

PDF - Streamside Overlay Map   STREAMSIDE OVERLAY MAPspacer(2877.9KB)

A map that provides information on areas that are characterized by streams which provide significant wildlife habitat, riparian vegetation, open space and multi-use trails.

PDF - Human Service Establishments   HUMAN SERVICE ESTABLISHMENTSspacer(4454KB)

A map identifying the human service establishments that have been permitted by the City of Colorado Springs. All establishments may not be shown as some establishments do not require an administrative permit.

PDF - Banning Lewis Ranch Master Plan   BANNING LEWIS RANCH MASTER PLANspacer(2289.6KB)

A map that provides information about the Banning Lewis Ranch master-planned development community located east of Marksheffel Road between Woodmen and Bradley Roads.

PDF - Banning Lewis Pending Projects   BANNING LEWIS PENDING PROJECTSspacer(2420.2KB)

Pending projects within the Banning Lewis Ranch master-planned development community

PDF - Banning Lewis Ranch Original Zoning   BANNING LEWIS RANCH ORIGINAL ZONINGspacer(1064.7KB)

A map showing the original zones approved in 1987 for the Banning Lewis Ranch development

PDF - Urban Renewal Map   URBAN RENEWAL MAPspacer(448.2KB)

A map identifying those areas that have been approved by the City Council for Urban Renewal and under the purview of the Urban Renewal Authority.

PDF - Census Tract Population Densities   CENSUS TRACT POPULATION DENSITIESspacer(1871.5KB)
Census Tracts 2010 (07OCT).pdf

A map identifying the various census tracts within the City of Colorado Springs.

PDF - City Council Districts Map   CITY COUNCIL DISTRICTS MAPspacer(9645.3KB)

A map identifying the various Districts of which the elected City Councilmember's oversee.

PDF - Land Use 2020 Map   LAND USE 2020 MAPspacer(3558.6KB)

Map updated in 2014 that identifies long-range planned land uses within city limits and possible annexation areas.

PDF - Existing Land Use Map   EXISTING LAND USE MAPspacer(2979.6KB)

Map identifying current uses within city limits.

PDF - Annexation Map   ANNEXATION MAPspacer(21092.7KB)

Map identifying list of approved annexation petitions

Excel - Annexation List   ANNEXATION LISTspacer(213KB)

Detailed list of approved annexation petitions through May 2012.

PDF - City Council District 3   CITY COUNCIL DISTRICT 3spacer(5425.5KB)

Council District 3

PDF - Three-Mile Buffer Area Outside City Limits   THREE-MILE BUFFER AREA OUTSIDE CITY LIMITSspacer(494.1KB)

The Three-mile Extraterritorial Planning Area Map is designed to work in conjunction with the 2020 Land Use Map of the City's Comprehensive Plan. It serves as the graphic representation of the City's annexation policies and future land use patterns, and provides a context for annexation decisions.

PDF - Intermodal Transportation Map   INTERMODAL TRANSPORTATION MAPspacer(649.6KB)

Intermodal Transportation Map Uploaded - 12/7/2012