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City to citizens: get familiar with new terrorism system

The City of Colorado Springs Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is encouraging citizens to become familiar with the new National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS).  The NTAS has two levels of readiness and replaces the old color-coded system.

"We think this is a great time for individuals and families to consider the new NTAS levels and determine what they will do to protect themselves, their families and neighbors in the event of a terrorist-caused emergency," explains Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) Lt. Sean Mandel.  "It's always a good time to create plans and prepare emergency kits."

The NTAS features two alert levels:

  •  Imminent Threat Alert (warns of a credible, specific, and impending terrorist threat against the United States); or
  • Elevated Threat Alert (warns of a credible terrorist threat against the United States).

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security will issue a "sunset provision" for each alert which will identify a specific time period after which the alert will expire.

"Any time a citizen sees something suspicious we ask them to alert the CSPD.  They should call 9-1-1 if the activity seems dangerous, or 444-7000 if the activity is just out of place," explained Mandel.  "Keep our community safe by reporting suspicious activity.  As NTAS public awareness campaign says: "If You See Something, Say Something."

For more information on the National Terrorism Advisory System or to receive NTAS alerts, visit