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City and Fort Carson Turn Construction Trash Into Treasure
Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The City of Colorado Springs and Fort Carson are partnering to reuse untreated construction demolition timber as playground wood chips. For Fort Carson, it?s a way to avoid landfill fees and work toward their zero waste goal. For the City, it?s a way to distribute more high-grade wood chips without increased material costs or the need for extracted resources.  Fort Carson completes a rough chip of the untreated wood, removes nails and delivers it to the City of Colorado Springs Forestry Division. There City staff complete a second grind and use magnets to remove any remaining staples or metal bits. Then, Parks Division staff use the high-grade chips as base cushioning in City playgrounds. The City and Fort Carson antic ipate being able to reuse about 1,000 cubic yards (the equivalent of 100 10-yard dump truck loads) of wood chips this way.