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Downtown parking meters to add grace minutes

For downtown and Old Colorado City visitors who have arrived just one minute late to their parking meters and have been stung by the resulting expensive parking tickets, the City of Colorado Springs is extending a little mercy for future visits.

The Parking Enterprise is reprogramming all on-street parking meters to provide a five-minute grace period after meters run out of time.  The effect will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 7.

"Parking customers and business owners alike are concerned about the $20 fine for an expired parking meter ticket.  "We don?t want to discourage customers from frequenting the downtown or Old Colorado City areas," explained Greg Warnke, City Parking System Administrator. "Hopefully, adding grace minutes to the meters will help those visitors who are just running a bit late."

Parking System staff developed new programming for the meters that will grant customers a five-minute grace period at the end of their stay before they are subject to receiving parking tickets.

When the time purchased expires, the reprogrammed meters will track and display time in a negative mode ("-0:01 thru -0:05") until the five-minute grace period is reached; then they will flash "00:00" and the backs will turn red and display "EXPIRED."

Staff plans to reprogram all meters in the downtown and Old Colorado City areas between Sept. 1 and 3, 2010.