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Council President's Response to Mayor's Statement

"According to Rob MacDonald of Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA), Colorado Springs has $5 million of unspent maintenance monies carried over from the 2013 PPRTA budget that it could repurpose for street or pothole repairs without Council approval. Another $6.7 million from the 2014 budget is also available, and the use of the funds is very flexible. These monies may already be allocated to projects; however, if potholes present a genuine emergency, the Mayor could change the allocation. If the Mayor had presented sufficient evidence that an emergency supplemental appropriation was justified, I would have been supportive.

 Therefore, I would like to thank Mayor Bach for changing his request for an emergency supplemental appropriation for street repairs. An accelerated process, which involves two hearings, is appropriate for non-emergencies — per the Charter street or pothole repairs does not constitute an emergency that would justify bypassing the normal legislative process.