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Council President's Statement regarding the Business Journal's Editorial

“The only correct statement in the Business Journal’s March 25 editorial, ‘Time to battle C4C opponents,’ was: ‘With the city and the Colorado EDC facing a deadline for finalizing their contract and moving forward, the time is now. Not a few months down the line or later in the year. As soon as possible.’

The time to change the resolution for the establishment of the City for Champions is now. The time to ensure that it has the appropriate checks and balances and that it meets the necessary requirements for transparency and accountability to the people of this city and county is now. The time to rewrite the resolution in order to find an appropriate balance of governance structures, based on the collaborative process which has already begun, and the extent of financial participation and/or responsibility of relevant entities is now. Not a few months down the line or later in the year. The time is now. Before the April 16 deadline.

Now is the time to think about the future of Colorado Springs and the City for Champions project. And, it is the right time to begin researching financing solutions. The following projects are anticipating that they will not need local financing: the Air Force Academy’s Visitor’s Center, the Olympic Museum and the UCCS sports medicine facility; however, the sports event complex and parking garage will need local financing.

As Commissioner Dennis Hisey and I stated in our March 17 letter to the Mayor ‘…we envision the process of vetting the Sports and Events Complex as requiring a minimum of 12 months, which will include maximizing the opportunities for private investment.’

Furthermore, the time is now for a cooperative view and to reach solutions. That’s why the resolution—even the amended one—with the Economic Development Commission must be collaborative and signed by all three governing entities.”