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Starsmore Discovery Center - Spring Open House
Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Friday, March 21, 9-3pm

2120 S. Cheyenne Canon Rd, 385-6086


9-9:30a           Sign-in, Meet & Greet

9:30-11:30a    Educational Program & Hiking Guide Overview

11:30-12:30p  Lunch for All

12:30-3:00p    Tipi Set-up/Tear-down or Retail Training


We will be focusing on Educational programs in the morning but all volunteers are encouraged to attend.  This is great information to have!

The morning session will be packed with fun-filled, refresher trainings for volunteers involved with school program offerings and also for those interested in being hiking guides.   Please come for lunch even if you will not be at the morning session.

The afternoon session will be split between retail training and our very popular Tipi program which takes volunteers through the process of setting up and taking down a Tipi.  Wear appropriate clothing and bring note-taking materials. 

We’re hoping to attract the attention of some brand new volunteers to this gathering.  Having your expertise available for these newbies to draw on would be so helpful!  We hope you’ll make room in your schedules for this time of refreshing skills, sharing and getting reacquainted.  We look forward to seeing you!


BY CALLING 385-6086

** Lunch provided**