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Public Notice - Notice of Stakeholders Meeting Temporary Signs - Banners

The City of Colorado Springs Land Use Review Division is proposing amendments to portions of Chapter 3 and Chapter 7 of the City Code with respect to temporary banners. The amendment currently proposes changes to the following sections of City Code:

  • Section 3.2.213 Revocable Permit
  • Section 7.4.403 Definitions
  • Section 7.4.406(I) Specific Sign Categories and Standards
  • Section 7.4.406(J)(4) Banners

The amendment focuses on new criteria for size, duration, and placement of temporary banners and temporary inflatable displays in non-residential zone districts. The amendment also proposes criteria for the allowance of banners attached to infrastructure in the public right-of-way.

A stakeholder meeting will be held on March 11, 2010 from 5:30pm-7:30pm in room 102 at the City Administration Building located at 30 S. Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. Please attend this meeting to hear details of the proposed code amendment and express your viewpoint concerning the proposal.

Please RSVP via email to if you plan to attend. Staff would like an approximate number of attendees in order to accurately plan for meeting space. Meeting documents will be sent via email to those who plan on attending. The draft is available online for those who are unable to attend. Questions on the amendment and/or the meeting can be directed to:

Meggan Herington, AICP
Planner II
Land Use Review Division
City of Colorado Springs
30 S. Nevada Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

If you wish to provide comments regarding this proposed code amendment you may do so until March 22, 2010, after which the code amendment will be scheduled to be heard by Planning Commission and City Council. All comments received are public record. If you have questions contact the planner listed above.

To view this application and related documents, please visit, select "Land Use Review" from the City Agencies drop down list, and click on "LDRS-Plan Search." Type the entire file number, CPC CA 08-00155, within the "Enter the File Number" field and click on the "Run Query" button. You can view PDF documents by clicking on the links that appear on the left-hand side of the resulting page. Please contact Meggan Herington at 719-385-5583 for assistance viewing this application.