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Statement Regarding Veto of Mayoral Appointees Ordinance

“Councilmember Don Knight and I are disappointed in the Mayor’s veto of Ordinance 14-6 which addresses Mayoral appointees. This non-controversial ordinance, which was written consistent with the legal opinion provided by the City Attorney’s Office and with input from the Executive Branch, was carefully crafted in order to not intrude in the Mayor’s clear-cut authority over hiring decisions while also ensuring that we met our responsibility under the City Charter to confirm appointments of department heads.

The Mayor does not have, as he incorrectly asserts in his veto message, exclusive authority without restrictions. Section 4-40 (f) of the Charter is absolutely clear—Mayor’s appointments are ‘Subject to confirmation by the concurring vote of a majority of the members of City Council.’

However, the Mayor has taken the position that confirmation of temporary appointees is not needed. The Charter is silent on this point. Ordinance 14-6 focused on clarifying that point as well as the limits of a temporary appointment. Without such an ordinance, the Mayor is in direct violation of Section 4-40 (f) in that he has failed to request confirmation of a number of temporary department heads. So in effect, the Mayor has vetoed a section of the Charter as being in conflict with the Charter.”

Andy Pico, Dist. 6