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City of Colorado Springs Streets Division on City-wide Full Call-Out



Snow Response Update

City of Colorado Springs, Streets Division


Date: February 1, 2014


Today at 12:00 AM the City of Colorado Springs Streets Division continued winter operations.


The City of Colorado Springs Streets Division snow crews are currently working citywide.Primary routeswill be cleared first. Primary routes are multi-lane roads with large volumes of traffic or hospital access. Once the primary routes are passable, crews will move to secondary routes. Secondary routes include collector streets and school access.


There are several ways to stay informed about current conditions:

  • Citizens can sign up for the City’s Twitter account (@springsgov) to receive the above information directly.
  • The City will also provide this information to the local media outlets to be used in crawlers.
  • Citizens can observe current conditions by making use of the City’s online traffic cameras.
  • Colorado Springs National Weather Service forecast information is available at 573-6846.


For more detailed information, you may contact the following individual at the Streets Division:


David Scalfri Operations Manager 385-6831