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Statement from Council President Keith King

“On Wednesday, Dec. 18, a supermajority of Council, after careful consideration, voted to override the Mayor’s veto of a portion of Section 1 of the 2014 Budget Ordinance 13-77 pertaining to appropriating departments.

On Thursday, Dec. 19, Mayor Bach stated that he has instructed City staff to disregard council’s actions.

Ordinance 13-77 is now a valid ordinance of the city, and the City Charter, Section 4-10, states ‘(t)he Mayor shall be the chief executive and shall enforce all laws and ordinances…’

The Charter, adopted by the citizens in 2011, called the Council-Mayor form of government is, still fairly new. If the Mayor disagrees with an ordinance that has been duly passed by Council—which he is to enforce—he can choose to either abide by it or take the matter to District Court.

I expect we should be a city of laws and obey the laws that are passed. We don't have a right to choose which laws we follow.I trust that the Mayor will reconsider his stance and that he and his staff will collaborate with City Council and follow the ordinance. 

I wish all our citizens of the great city of Colorado Springs a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”