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11/21 Snow Removal Response

Per current policy, the City does not respond to clear residential streets until there is an accumulation of at least 6 inches of snow and all primary and secondary roads have been cleared. In addition to plowing, the City puts down various treatments to combat icy conditions, but it is important to remember that the scraper trucks purposely do not reach all the way down to street level, in order to avoid damaging the street below. Arterial roadways were treated this morning with a chemical de-icer. However,  the timing of the snow was less than ideal, meaning that the treatment had not yet taken effect prior to the start of the morning commute.

For more detailed information on our policies and procedures, please contact the following individuals from our Streets Division: Cole Platt at 385-6822 or David Scalfri at 385-6831. Thank you for your patience and cautious driving as we continue to optimize and improve our snow removal efforts.