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Union Pacific Railroad over Tejon Bridge Closed
Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Union Pacific Railroad Bridge over Tejon Street and South Tejon Street from Mill Street to Fountain Boulevard in both directions have been temporarily closed to allow Union Pacific’s crew to perform bridge repairs.  Businesses in the area are open and can be accessed from the north or south of the bridge.

The Union Pacific Railroad Bridge over Tejon Street is one of the oldest bridges in the City of Colorado Springs.  Built in 1902, it is now over 110 years old.  It also has a very low vertical clearance of 13’-0”.  New bridges are currently built with a clearance of over 16’-0”.  The City placed this bridge on the replacement list two years ago.  The initial planned project phase will be a study to develop a solution to address the complicated nature of the improvements and need to partner with Union Pacific.  This project will be funded by the PPPTA 2 approved by voters in the November 2012 election.