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Mayor Bach releases proposed 2014 Budget
Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Mayor Steve Bach has released his proposed 2014 General Fund Budget. The proposed General Fund Budget totals 245.6 million dollars, a 13.8 million dollar increase from the initial 2013 General Fund Budget. This increase is allocated according to the following priorities expressed by our citizens and toward the Mayor’s goals of Jobs, Transforming City Government, and Building Community:

  • 73 million dollar General Fund Capital Improvement Program
  • 4.7 million dollar increase in the Fire Department budget to maintain authorized strength, fund wildfire mitigation, and enhance the community health program
  • 5 million dollar increase in the Police Department budget to add 16 additional police officers (alongside an additional 11 police officers to be funded by the Public Safety Sales Tax), increase the Community Service Offer program, and restructure and enhance the Police Communications Center to improve call response
  • 640,000 dollar increase in the Parks Department budget to fund additional contracted right-of-way mowing operations in Gateway and Gem areas of our City; increase the ability to respond to citizen requested street tree services and to work toward the objectives of the Parks Master Plan
  • 1.8 million dollar DECREASE to the budgets of the Administrative Departments including: the Mayor’s Office, Finance, Human Resources, City Clerk, City Attorney, Information Technology, Municipal Court, Communications, Economic Vitality, and General Costs
  • Across the Budget, 96 non-public safety positions were eliminated and 49 public safety positions were added resulting in a net reduction of 47 positions.
  • Implementing Sunday and Powers Boulevard bus service

The proposed 2014 General Fund Budget is available for public review online at

Below is the calendar for Budget presentations to City Council (subject to change – all sessions will be televised on SpringsTV, which is Comcast Channel 18, and streamed online on

  • Thursday, October 10thCity Council Budget Work Session (9:00am to 5:00pm)
    • Overview
    • Capital Improvement Plan
    • Municipal Court
    • Public Works
  • Friday, October 11thCity Council Budget Work Session (9:00am to 5:00pm)
    • Human Resources
    • City Council
    • Finance
    • Parking Enterprise
    • Mayor’s Office
    • City Attorney’s Office
    • City Auditor’s Office
    • Information Technology
    • Economic Vitality and Housing
    • Communications
  • Monday, October 14thCity Council Budget Work Session (9:00am to 5:00pm)
    • Police Department
    • Fire Department
    • Public Safety Sales Tax Oversight Committee
  • Tuesday, October 15thCity Council Budget Work Session (9:00am to 5:00pm)
    • City Clerk’s Office
    • Colorado Springs Airport
    • Planning and Development
    • Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services