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CSPD Officer Receives National Recgnition
Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Press Release: 1306-008

Monday June 24, 2013 4:00 PM [RELEASE AT WILL]

The Colorado Springs Police Department is proud to announce that on Thursday, June 20th, the Veterans of Foreign Wars presented Officer Scott Carnes with the National Police Officer of the Year Award in Golden, Colorado.

Officer Carnes has been an exemplary member of our department since January 1992.  He continuously demonstrates an extraordinary devotion to duty and an unparalleled passion for his job.

Officer Carnes is adept at being in the right place at the right time and using his knowledge and intuition to find and apprehend criminals.  Although he works at one of the busiest divisions in our city, he applies the same energy and responsiveness to our citizens each day.  In addition, he is an accomplished investigator who analyzes crime efforts to lead a case to a successful conclusion. A few examples include:

He, along with two officers, investigated a felony menacing case where they noticed an unusual number of flat screen tv’s and a marijuana pipe.  Consent to search was obtained and 3 handguns and a rifle were recovered which were stolen during burglaries.  This case ultimately uncovered a city-wide burglary network and led to several burglary locations over the course of two days.  Questioning of the suspects revealed a robbery pattern identifying other suspects.  The investigation expanded exponentially once pawn records were analyzed.  Ultimately, the investigation cleared 19 burglaries and 5 robbery cases.

Officer Carnes was recognized for his efforts in an in-progress carjacking where a short vehicle pursuit ended with the suspect fleeing on foot into a field.  The suspect was subsequently taken into custody and linked to 4 liquor store robberies.

Another incident involved an armed robbery suspect who fled the scene recklessly, running red lights, causing a three car crash and travelling through fences and backyards.  Officers lost sight of the vehicle but Officer Carnes located it several streets away.  This high risk situation led to the arrests of three robbery suspects who posed a threat to our city.

From utilizing his unique policing skills to bring a murder case together for filing with the District Attorney’s Office to finding dangerous felons after seeing their photos an hour prior at police briefings, Officer Carnes personifies those values of dedication, commitment and teamwork and is deserving of this award.