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Stormwater 2010 payments to be refunded

Customers should check with financial institutions to cancel recurring payments

The City of Colorado Springs will be sending out stormwater refund checks the last week of January for any customers who paid ahead to cover 2010 fees. City Council ended the stormwater fee as of January 1, 2010. Approximately 20,000 customers are due refunds totaling about $700,000. Customers may want to verify that the El Paso County Assessor database has their name and address correct as that is the database stormwater uses. The database can be accessed online at

Citizens who use their financial institution?s automatic bill service are reminded to cancel any future recurring payments they may have set up for stormwater fees. The City is continuing to receive payments on accounts with no balance due. Those payments will also be refunded.

Questions about your stormwater account can be directed to 385-5913.

Refund checks will not be processed for accounts with a balance of under $1. Citizens with a balance of under a $1 can request a special check by writing to:


Stormwater Engineering

30 S. Nevada Ave., MC 521

Colorado Springs, CO 80903