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Council Passes Budget Committee Resolution

On a 8-1 vote, Council passed a resolution that allows them to create a budget committee and be more involved in the City’s and Colorado Springs Utilities’ budget processes.

“It has been my desire to look at the City’s Charter and determine how we can become a ‘strong council’ and embrace our responsibilities under the Council-Mayor form of governance that was adopted by voters in 2010,” stated Council President Keith King, “this is the first step.”

The resolution, based on the City Charter and Code, outlines Council’s role during the development of the City’s budget—which includes adding or deleting items—gives purview over the Lodger’s and Auto Rental Tax (LART) and allows Council to be involved in developing Utilities’ budget and strategic plan.           

Per the charter, Council’s responsibilities include:

  • Preparation of a Strategic Plan, to provide for the future of the City, which prioritizes goals for Council and, when provided to the Mayor, is to be considered in the development of the municipal administrative budget (City Charter §3-20(c))
  • Approval of the annual budget, reflecting the Mayor’s established departments, divisions, offices or agencies (City Charter § 5-10, City Code § 1.2.312)
  • Ensuring the revenues derived from LART are expended in accord with the purposes of the tax (City Code § 2.9.107)

“This resolution is about Council fulfilling its responsibilities under the City Charter.  I believe this is one of many steps we will be taking over the next several months to live up to the role envisioned for us in the charter,” stated King.