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Mayor Steve Bach's Statement on the Signing of Senate Bill 13-025 into Law
Thursday, June 06, 2013

“The State government's decision via Senate Bill 13-025, which Governor Hickenlooper just signed, to impose potential fire fighter collective bargaining on Colorado Springs is deeply disappointing.  The new law is a top-down, unfunded State mandate and disrespects our local authority as a Home Rule City.   This top-down action goes against the direct will of the citizens of Colorado Springs. On three separate occasions, our community has rejected this one-size-fits-all approach. This mandated approach caused two very different cities, Boulder and Colorado Springs, represented Mayor Matthew Appelbaum of Boulder and I, to come together and testify jointly against this Bill. Colorado Springs deeply appreciates and respects our firefighters, which is why we overwhelmingly approved a Public Safety Sales Tax years ago to help support them. Furthermore, Colorado Springs firefighters just received, by far, the largest salary increase of all City employees. In the face of continued fiscal difficulties, this new mandate may very well require the City to spend untold amounts in court defending our right to negotiate with our firefighters on our terms. “