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Councilwoman Dougan Cleared of Alleged Ethics Breach
Monday, April 15, 2013

At its meeting yesterday, the Colorado Springs Independent Ethics Commission (IEC) unanimously confirmed that District 2 Councilmember Angela Dougan committed no violation of the city Ethics Code.

During the recent City Council election campaign, William Murray, also a District 2 candidate for City Council, accused Councilwoman Dougan of a conflict of interest for receiving a campaign contribution from a city cable franchisee.

The IEC reviewed the complaint today, and determined that the complaint did not allege a violation of the City Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics states that “[p]roviding that a gift could not be considered a bribe or a means of improper influence on a direct official action, no violation of this Code of Ethics shall be found to apply…[a] campaign contribution as defined by law.”

Councilwoman Dougan issued the following statement in response to the findings of the IEC, “Just as I said the day the complaint was filed publicly and in conflict with city procedures, I knew I would be cleared of these frivolous and politically motivated charges. I have been deeply committed to serving the constituents in District 2 with absolute integrity, honesty and the highest ethical standards. I have always properly disclosed campaign contributions. I’m grateful the IEC investigated this complaint and cleared me of all accusations.”