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Dublin Terrace Townhome Outcome

During their Formal Meeting on Tuesday, March 26, Council voted 5-1, with President Hente opposed, to deny the appeal by Matthew Werner on behalf of MLP Receiverships LLC regarding the Dublin Terrace Townhomes.

The denial of the appeal is not an order to remove the “Too Tall” townhomes. It does, however, uphold the Planning Commission’s decision to deny the appeal of an amendment to the original 2006 Dublin Terrace Townhome development plan.

If the appeal had been approved by Council, the following amendments would have been made to three buildings containing 10 townhome units that have been constructed along the south boundary of the development:

  • To allow a different building elevation than what was previously approved
  • To allow a different roofline from what was previously approved
  • To change the grading to allow for approximately seven feet of fill at the highest point along the front of the townhomes
  • To modify the landscaping along the south side of the property providing additional landscaping including a four foot retaining wall

In addition to the appeal vote, Council also voted 5-1, with Councilwoman Dougan opposed, to deny the request of the Planning and Development Department to forfeit, with additional provisions, the previous vesting rights of the 2006 Dublin Terrace Townhome development plan.

“Our vote to deny the forfeiture ordinance was intended to preserve the vesting rights of the 2006 development plan and allow construction to continue at the site,” stated President Hente, “the “Too Tall” town homes, however, continue to be nonconforming, cannot be occupied and will need to be abated. Abatement requires a separate action and will be addressed by the Administration.”