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City Council confirms Mayor's Appointees to ...
Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Colorado Springs Housing Authority Board

At the formal City Council meeting on Tuesday, March 26, City Council confirmed Mayor Steve Bach’s selections to serve as volunteers on the Colorado Springs Housing Authority Board of Commissioners. The three new Commissioners are: James Ringe, Sara Martin, and Sharon King.

“Thanks to these three outstanding individuals for volunteering to serve on the Housing Authority Board,” said Mayor Steve Bach. 

About the Trustees:

James Ringe – reappointed to five-year term

  • Has served on Housing Authority for 19 years
  • Requested to serve another five-year term by Board Chair Donnis Martin
  • Brings tremendous institutional knowledge

Sara Martin – appointed to five-year term

  • Over thirty years of comprehensive real estate knowledge and experience
  • Over thirty years of experience managing and co-owning residential units
  • Brings perspective of businessperson and landlord to the Housing Authority Board

Sharon King – appointed to five-year term as Resident Commissioner

  • Master’s Degree in Social Work and a career working in child protection
  • Her education and life experiences give her a unique overview of the programs and challenges facing public housing
  • Volunteer with the Independence Center, an organization that works to empower people with disabilities