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Pothole-palooza begins Monday, March 15
Monday, March 25, 2013

The Street Division will kick off its annual spring pothole-palooza on Monday, March 25.  The pothole campaign is marked by an intensive push to repair reported potholes that have been caused by winter’s freeze-thaw cycles. Potholes are prioritized by location, so potholes on main arterials receive a higher priority.

However, to repair potholes, the City needs help finding them!  We are asking drivers who spot potholes to call and report them to the Pothole Hotline – 385-ROAD (7623). Citizens with smart phones can download the City’s mobile request app to report potholes from  Potholes can also be reported through by clicking on “Customer Service” on the homepage.

When reporting a pothole, callers should provide detailed information such as street name, direction of traffic flow (north bound, south bound, etc.), the intersection, closest address (if known), side of the street, and location in the street such as left or right edge line or middle, inside or outside lane. Due to the huge influx of calls expected, citizens should not expect a personal reply to their request.

The City of Colorado Springs Streets Division maintains more than 1,500 center line miles of streets. A center line mile is the length of one mile of road regardless of the number of lanes. In the last 3 years, the City has filled an average of 25,500 potholes each year. Streets crews filled 28,821 potholes in 2012. While the dry winter reduced the amount of potholes created by freeze-thaw cycles, the aging of the street system has kept the number of potholes comparable to previous years.

The City does not repair potholes on County or State roads, such as South Academy south of Milton Proby (County) and Powers (State) and US 24 (State).

INTERVIEW/MEDIA REQUESTS: Contact Streets Operations Managers Amaro Montemayor at (719) 385-6730 or Bard Lower at (719) 385-6827 to arrange for interviews and/or take video of pothole crews in action.