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Voluntary Retirement and Layoff Numbers Released

     The City of Colorado Springs has accepted the request for voluntary retirement from 88 city employees.  Voluntary retirement was offered as part of the City's 2010 overall budget reduction efforts.  The City must deliver a balanced budget each year in accordance with the City Charter.  The last day of work for civilian employees taking voluntary retirement will be December 25, 2009, and for sworn employees the final day of work will be December 28, 2009.

            93 employees have been laid-off in addition to the 88 taking voluntary retirement (see attached spread sheet for department level information).  Most laid off employees will depart on December 31, 2009  though a few are scheduled for lay off March 31, 2010 pending the outcome of the City Council's fundraising efforts and business plan partnerships for Parks, Recreation and select Cultural Services programs and facilities.  These numbers do not include vacant positions that have been permanently eliminated in police, fire, streets and other municipal functions.   In the last 18 months the City eliminated over 400 positions, in addition to those outlined above. For other impacts due to budget cuts visit

         City Council will take a final vote on the 2010 General Fund Budget, December 21, 2009, in a special Council Meeting scheduled to begin at 1 pm at City Hall. 

Positions being affected by RIF