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City seeks second opinion on Stormwater needs

The City has issued a Request For Proposal (RFP) for an independent engineering consultant to provide a second opinion on the scope and priorities for Colorado Springs’ deferred stormwater improvements.

Mayor Steve Bach requested the second opinion after hearing from a regional stormwater task force that the City’s improvements backlog is, according to that group, $686 million, up 37% over its previous $500 million estimate.

The City’s 78% share of the region’s $880 million in needed improvements means that Colorado Springs is by far the largest stakeholder in solving this issue.  The Mayor has welcomed other regional jurisdictions to use the services of the City’s consultant to also vet their own stormwater needs.

Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs Utilities are jointly investing over $28 million this year in the most urgent stormwater improvements.  The Mayor is committed to working with other jurisdictions in the region on sequencing of priorities and joint construction where feasible.

He has said that different jurisdictions will have varying funding approaches such as Woodland Park and Manitou Springs, which already have a stormwater fee in place.  The Mayor believes Colorado Springs should control the funding, management and construction of its improvements, given that it owns the lion’s share of needs, while coordinating and collaborating with other communities.

Engineering firms interested in responding to the RFP may do so by Friday, April 5th at the following website