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Traffic Safety Message

Friday, February 8, 2013, 2:45 PM [RELEASE AT WILL]


Last year, {2012} proved to be a particularly bad year for drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike.


Colorado Springs experienced 28 traffic crashes involving a death that resulted in an astounding 31 fatalities. Eleven {11} of those crashes involved 13 pedestrian deaths. 


In 7 of the 11 crashes involving pedestrians, the accident investigation revealed that the pedestrian was the proximate cause of the accident which resulted in 8 deaths.  Alcohol or drugs played a part in 6 pedestrian deaths.


The 2012 overall fatality rate was up 29% over the 2011 rate and up 32.5% over the past five year average. The 31 fatalities in 2012 was the second highest rate in the past 16 years, with only the year 2000 experiencing more.  Colorado Springs had 34 traffic related deaths that year.  The year 2006 had the lowest fatality rate with 13 traffic related deaths. The average traffic related death rate for the past 16 years is 25.


Everyone plays a part in making the roadway safe.  Drivers must not drive while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Other tips include:  Always wear your seatbelt (every occupant/every time). Stay alert, obey traffic laws and avoid driving while distracted. Remember to look out for pedestrians, especially at all intersections. 


Plan ahead and allow yourself enough time to get to your desired location safely. Passengers are asked to remember that the driver’s first responsibility is to operate the vehicle safely so do not to distract them.  Pedestrians are reminded that walking on the roadway can be inherently dangerous.  The safest place to cross a roadway is in designated crosswalks, usually associated with a traffic light.  Cross only with the traffic or pedestrian light. Still, take the time to look both ways before stepping out onto the roadway.  Cross only when safe; don’t cross if you have to run in order to avoid a vehicle. If you must walk on the roadway, walk facing traffic.  If at night, wear light colored or reflective clothing and stay alert.


Colorado Springs has already experienced 4 traffic related deaths in 2013. If drivers, passengers and pedestrians would all work together, we can avoid setting any new record high fatality rate.