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No active solicitation within 20 feet of an entrance Citywide

Federal Judge Marsha Krieger has affirmed that active solicitation within 20 feet of a residential or business entryway is prohibited throughout Colorado Springs. Her recent preliminary injunction only applies to the creation of a Downtown no-solicitation zone.

"The City appreciates Judge Krieger upholding the twenty feet solicitation buffer.  This will help improve commerce and reduce unwanted solicitation of citizens and visitors,” said Mayor Steve Bach.

“The Department will be warning violators the first time they solicit within 20 feet and will serve them a ticket for subsequent violations,” said Police Chief Pete Carey.

“This will benefit not only Downtown, but also merchants on the Westside and throughout the City. It accomplishes quite a lot of what we were hoping for, so we’re very pleased with that,” said City Attorney Chris Melcher.